My First Caning

When I was 12, my mother took my brother and me to see our Aunt's new home. She had a daughter, Sally, about two years older than I was and another, Amanda, a little younger than my brother. We children had gone out to explore the rather large garden, having been told very clearly to stay away from next-door's apple tree. In one ear and out the other. The tree was laden with apples ripe for the picking so what's a girl to do? "Who wants and apple?" I asked. Well, I did for one but my cousins cousins reminded my what we'd been told. "No, Ruth, don't. We'll get in trouble." "Don't worry, we won't get caught", I said as I climbed over the fence and started to climb the tree. Sitting safely on a branch, I prepared to throw some apples down to the others, who were still insisting I get down and go back. I started picking some apples and throwing them down.

I was suddenly interupted by a shout of "What were you told? Get down from there at once!" It was my mother and Aunt who I hadn't noticed approach. I climbed down and we were all told to "Get back inside now!" When we got back to the house, we went through to the lounge while my mother and Aunt stayed in the kitchen talking.

"You're in trouble now" said Sally, as if I didn't know. We heard a cupboard door close in the kitchen and both Sally and Amanda suddenly looked worried. "What?", I asked. "I think you're going to get the cane", said Amanda, "Sally says it really hurts ever so much." Sally confirmed that "It stings like mad." I'd never had the cane before but I had an idea that it wasn't something I was meant to enjoy. My Aunt and mother were still talking in the kitchen but, shortly after, came into the room. I saw my Aunt was carrying a cane and the look on Sally and Amanda's faces told me I was really in for it. My Aunt pulled a chair out and my mother said, "Right, young lady, get your jeans and knickers down and bend over the back of that chair. I've asked your Aunt to give you the cane." I didn't want my cousins to see I was decidedly worried at this so I, almost defiantly, walked over to the chair, undid my jeans and pushed them and my knickers down to my knees. Then I bent over the back and grabbed hold of the seat. The back was a little high so I had to be on tip toes.

My Aunt swished the cane through the air a couple of times then laid it across my proffered backside. "I'm going to give you four strokes", she said. I was a bit relieved at that, four didn't sound too bad, but a sharp intake of breath by Sally cast a little doubt on that. I felt the cane being tapped on on my backside then, after a brief pause - Swish!! Crack!! YEEEEEEOOOUCH!!!!! I was totally unprepared for the incredible burning sensation - it felt like I'd been hit with a red hot poker - and I had three more like that to come! Another couple of taps, a brief pause and I clenched my teeth as - Swish!! Crack!! YEEEEEEOOOOOOCH!!!!". I didn't think anything could sting more than that first stroke but the second one proved me wrong. Two more, equally painful, strokes were delivered and I was told to get up. I did the "spanky dance" for a while, almost tripping over my jeans which, by now, were around my ankles. Then I was told to stand facing the wall. I was grateful for that because I don't think I could have beared to pull my knickers and jeans up at that point.

I heard my mother say to my Aunt that she might invest in a cane. "Heaven Forfend", thought I, (actually, I didn't 'cos I din't know words like that then.) "I hope she doesn't". Then I heard my Aunt tell my mother that the cane was the junior version - "They do a senior cane that stings a bit more." I didn't think that was possible but I didn't want to find out anyway.

Luckily, my mother never did invest in a cane but I was warned that, if I misbehaved when I was there, I could be feeling it again. Like I said earlier, "in one ear, out the other"... but they're other stories.

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When I was a boy, my mother used a bamboo cane rather than a rattan one, to give me a good hiding when I deserved one. She would make me pull down my trousers and pants, bend over a chair in the living room, and give me at least two strokes, going up to a maximum of four. This began when I was about 6, and continued until I was nearly 11.

Bare bottom canings are horribly painful, and my mother's were no exception. I was never caned at school, and while I'm sure that a rattan cane would have made me very sore too, perhaps at least the protection of trousers and pants staying up might have been of some small comfort. The awful sting from mother's bamboo cane was just unbearable, and I'll never forget it.

What a great story, a young female picking the apple, knowing it was forbidden fruit. It reminds me of Adam and Eve. Oh how is it that we can"t control ourselves and give in to those temptations. LOL

You and I had similar attitudes when we were about to disobey our moms. I always thought, how is she going to find out? But sometimes she did and then it was time for the hairbrush to light up my hiney.

Telling a child not to do something is the easiest way of getting that child to do it. ;)

You are so very correct. I remember my mom always telling me things I couldn't or shouldn't do and that made me angry because I didn't like taking orders from her. I am sure this caused me to disobey her numerous times because I wanted to do as I pleased.

Being told not to do something was a very good reason to do it. The more severe the punishment threatened, the more likely I was to do it because, if I wasn't caught, I'd got away with more.

I loved this. Great story. I bet whenever you see apple trees now, memories come flooding back. I got my first caning when I was about 11 - at school - 6 strokes. My mum "invested" in a cane - god knows where she got it from - and was first used when I was 11 or 12 when Iied to her.

It was a long while ago but apple trees still bring back memories.

If you got your first caning at school, I guess you had the protection of trousers and pants but you got 6 strokes. I only got 4 but I got it bare. I don't know which of us got the better deal.

To my knowledge, nobody was ever caned on the bare. You normally got 3 strokes for your first caning and then each caning thereafter was increased by 3 strokes until you got to 12 which was the maximum. Not sure why I got six to start off with but I deliberately broke a school rule and was a little cheeky also so he probably thought I deserved 6. I think I probably got the better deal :))

I don't know of anyone being caned bare at school but we sometimes got a bare bottom slippering in the changing rooms if we were messing about when we were already in a state of undress.

At home, I almost always had to take my knickers down for the slipper or, at Debbie's, the cane.

Canings are very familiar to me!

Lucky you, Judy!

Thanks for the story - yikes the cane must hurt.

The sting is indescribable but it doesn't last long. After a few strokes, the soreness can last a while.

Thanks for posting. I know that drill!

Nice story!!!!!!!!!!<br />
I have been caned bare butt infront of cousins and at various ages, and my sister got it as well<br />
i know the feeling!

I got it like that in front on my brother, my friend's brothers and my male cousins. I saw them get it like that too. I was accepted as one on my friend's family (and she as one of mine) so we both got it in front of each other's siblings right up until we left home.

Were the canings off your Aunt worse than the ones you received at school?<br />
Were the cane marks ever visible at school (showers)?

There wasn't much difference but my Aunt always caned or slippered me bare. At least at school I had what little protection my knickers provided. I got most canings off her when I stayed there during the school holidays so the marks had usually faded by the time I got back to school. One of the things about being caned at my Aunts was that my younger cousin often had her friends there who heard, and sometimes saw, Sally and me getting it.

At schooI I had to lift my skirt and bend over a desk or chair. The last time I remember my aunt caning me was when I was 16.

Great nostalgia. Does this pre-date your first school caning?<br />
Did you talk to Sally about her canings?

Yes, that was the very first time I got the cane, I didn't get it at school until about a year later but, before that, I'd had it another few times off my Aunt. Sally and I did talk to each other about our punishment, what we each got for what misbehaviour. When I stayed there during the holidays, we were sometimes caned together.

Another great experience shared Ruth.<br />
<br />
I was never on the end of punishment from my parents, they just never did it, but I was spanked, hairbrushed, had the wooden spoon and the cane from people other than my school teachers. It was always for doing something whicjh I knew was wrong but I held the belief, very much like you, that I wouldn't or possibly, couldn't get caught! lol Mind you if I been that good as to never be caught I wouldn't be human!

My mother handed out most of the whackings at home but my father slippered me a few times and caned me twice for misbehaving at my Aunt's. As he only had one sibling, it's not easy to compare but it seemed my mother's side of the family was much more in favour of corporal punishment than my father's.

Although I was never punished by my parents I am aware that they suffered a great deal at both home and school. My dad got far fewer punishments but more brutal ones than my mum. She was a bit like me in as much that whatever she did someone found fault and her bottom suffered. Her side of the family were keen disciplinarians and my sister was often caned by my our aunt. I never witnessed any of the canings but I did see the resullts! The thing was, that my aunt used a bamboo cane rather than ratten and as I'm sure you know the bamboo canes are rigid and can inflict a great deal of pain and leave very pronounced strips. I recall that the worse that I got of our aunt was a slippering followed but a wicked 20/30 whacks with a belt. That was one of the few times that I openly cried but that was because she used the belt whilst straddling my shoulders and because i was laying along a lower bench with my legs either side, most of the strokes feel between my cheeks. The belt didn't hit my testicles but the skin between the cheeks is alot more sensitive and it really stung. My cousins had to hold my legs down as they were thrashing around. The added pain of being punished between your bottom cheeks is that when it is over you cannot walk without them rubbing together so there was a constant reminder of the punishment. Personally I never really saw the damage the belting caused but my sister asked me to 'kill her' if auntie ever threatned to belt her that way! lol

That was more brutality than punishment. I suppose I was lucky in that, although I was on the receiving end of a lot of whackings, I wasn't subjected to that type of brutality. 20/30 with the belt is well over the top for a punishment. I occasionally got a few hand-spanks on my leg but almost all my proper whackings were on my backside, just occasionally a slipper or belt would strike my upper thigh but I don't think it was intentional.
My parents didn't have a cane but my Aunt and Debbie's parents used a proper rattan one.

Its strange that you mention the brutality of that belting as I was thinking how harsh it was when I was typing my origianal response. I doubt that I could take that kind of punishment even today and that does raise the question in my mind of how I was able to take it back then. I was held down and I think that had a lot to do with it. I knew that I couldn't escape and as I was already sobbing my heart out after about 5 or 6 strokes it became 'fait accompli'. My aunt did have a vicious streak and her daughters were not exempt from her canings and beltings. They more often than not got the cane but I remember seeing the results of some of the beltings which also had been aimed between the buttock cheeks. My aunt wasn't a fan of boy's and felt all sound be strongly disciplined. She knew I was punished at home so may have decided to take it upon her shoulders to instile the level of discipline she felt I lacked. I wasn't punished by her many times, 5 maybe 6 that I remember but thery were all hard and I certainly knew about them. I have painted a picture of a nasty woman and if truth be known she wasn't. She did have many good qualities and her daughters, through her quidance both grew up to be a tremendous credit to her. I didn't resent the punishments, I just wished I hadn't got them as did my sister.

Apologies for the obvious typo's but I think you can work out what I meant to type. I should say that my aunt knew that I 'wasn't' punished at home...........not 'was'

My Aunt only had two daughters but she treated my brother and me the same. If either of us misbehaved there, we got whacked but she made allowance for our age differences. A few times, all four of us were up for it - her daughters, my brother and me. Sally and I, being older, got a harder caning and/or more strokes than my brother and Amanda.

Yes my mother was the caning expert. My father had a temper on him but he was a lot milder when it came to punishing, which was always carried out by my mother.

That seems to have been common - the women in the family handed out most of the whacking. A "whacking from dad" was kept in reserve as a threat - "if you ever do that again" - but, when it came to it, it wasn't as bad as it had been made out to be. I was caned by my father, my uncle, and Debbie's father and all three were less severe than their spouses.

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