I Have Been A Happy Eunuch Since 1997 And Love It!!!!!

I can't explain exactly why I wanted to be castrated, but it has been a fantasy of mine since I helped castrate pigs on the farm when I was 12 or so.

My sex life has been stormy at best, but I did manage to marry a wonderful woman and father three children. But after the kids came my wife had cancer which resulted in surgery to remove all her internal sex organs, and along with them her sex drive. She was not allowed hormone therapy because of the cancer risk. I'd had a vasectomy years before, and that was a big turn-on for me, but it didn't satisfy me.

Thanks to the Internet I found a doctor in Philadelphia who was in the business of castrating female wannabe's. I really didn't care what reasons he had, but he agreed to castrate me, so I traveled to Philly. Just to set the record straight, I love wearing SOME female clothing, i.e. panty hose, tights, skirts, things like that. I even have fantasies of trying makeup, but I never have except for lipstick on Halloween when dressed as a woman (which was also a turn-on to me, even when I was 12).

I laid on the table and watched as the doctor worked, using only a local anesthetic. He cut a small slit in one side, extracted the testicle, tied off the cords and vessels, then snipped it off! Then he did the other one, and even allowed me to make the final snip, making me a total eunuch. As tiny as they were, I felt about 100 pounds lighter!

I love being a eunuch, but in the past few months my doctor has started giving me testosterone injections to address another medical condition. It's nice to get erections again, but I think my life was more serene and peaceful when I thought about as much about sex as my wooden desk. Soon I will stop taking the injections because I really do love being a eunuch.
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Jan 7, 2013