One summer about 13 years old I became close with a best friend. We would experiment with each other while parents were away and we would spend the night at each others houses almost everyday. We would get naked and play around with each other. One day we were in his shed and he was sucking me off when the door swings open and his father was there and said "isn't this gay?" Terrified, I ran out grabbed my bike and went home as soon as I could thinking he was going to call my Dad. That was the last time I saw him and my last sexual experience with a boy. This has been a secret until now.
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My one and only real child hood friend and I would skinny dip all the time, his mother would let him swim in the stream that ran near our nabor hood so we would ***** swim for an hour or so and then get dressed and his mother never knew..

Did his dad kill him?

I'm not sure what happened after that. I felt too much shame at the time. It was only the 2 of them living there so I'm sure it was intense.