Painted Toe Nails And Shaved Legs

I've been cross dressing for only a short time, but my wife is very accepting of it, and we both really get into at home when we can. Well Easter weekend just gone, we were sitting in bed watching movies and relaxing, it was too cold and wet to go out, so we decided to paint each others toe nails, I did hers in brown, she suggested I go pink since I was much more sissy then her, so away she went painting all my toe nails pink, then she decided she needed to shave her legs, and mine too, so after a full leg shave and painted toe nails I felt Devine, we rubbed our legs together in bed and had lots of bunny fun.
Anyway several days later dressed in my usual work clothes I had to go to the doctors with my wife following for support. So up on the exam table getting checked out for a stomach complaint my wife decides the doctor should look at my toe which I smashed with a cupboard which I had been moving the day before, to see if I'd broken it, anyway with her holding my leg still and the doc trying to remove my sock iam in shear panic and the docs back to me iam frantically trying to signal my wife about my painted nails, and she suddenly realizes and drops my leg like a hot cake, unfortunately the doc still had hold of my sock and whompa of came the sock revealing my lovely pink toes nails, my wife was nearly in tears of laughter, as she explained to the doc she had done it for fun when I lost a bet. Well unbeknown to me my trouser leg had also risen well up my smooth legs, and the doc said did you lose another bet he says with his hand placed on my smooth skin.

Ps. This is 100% true and 120% embarrassing

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Had never thought of painting my toe nails till a girl friend suggested it. Well she never did it. She is gone but I do them during the winter.

My MY How Sweet I wish my wife was so understanding. Oh well Back to my little wet panties N Stockings x

I was feeling sick and my wife said go to the E R well I had on pink panties and white swet pants that were old and worn but very tight so you could see my panties through them them sent back an gave me a bottle liquid in my vain so for about an hour two nurces teasted me. now I have no male underwear so every doctor visit is humiliating.


I enjoyed reading your post, I am not going to use the word story as this points to it being made up, for when I have posted before on true things, others call them stories but we know better Ms TeriLuv.

Yes we know, read above, and for the others I live in a small country town and it was a female doctor, but I also see her husband who is a doctor at the same surgery, and frequently see both of them out in the street, or around the shops, so iam sure they have a giggle together over my shaved legs as it is.

OH they probably have mentioned it to each other, but I bet they could care less and even though it is a small town I bet they have other CD patients!

Glad your wife supports you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure it was but Dr.s see it all the time. I had to go to ER and Dr. Found shaved crotch and ball area nothing was said and for the anal exam I didn't flinch so am sure he knew something was up.O well I'm me and nothing I can do. Have fun.