My Mother In Law Busted Me And More

Her mother caught me wearing her panties, bra, and a nightgown. Back about the time my first wife found out about my wearing women's clothes, I had a real strange experience with my mother in-law. She had a habit of taking naps in the afternoon between 1pm and 4pm in the nude. On a few occasions I found her lying on top of her bed spread wide open sound asleep. Her panties would lie on the floor next to her. I would sneak in and sniff them, if they had a strong smell, I would slip them on and JO with them. Then place them back on the floor. I must have done this a dozen times without her finding out. Until on a Thursday afternoon, she was asleep as normal, her legs were open where I could see her ***** lips, and she didn't shave at all and had a very hairy *****. I lowered my nose close to her lips and inhaled deeply, the smell was strong but so good. I backed away into the bathroom down the hall, ******** my clothes and went back in after her panties. I grabbed them and her bra, a nightgown off the hook on the back of the door. Then went into the bathroom to JO, but the smell from her ***** was something I wanted to experience again. So I walked back into her room wearing her panties bra, and gown. Bend over and started to smell her *****, I allowed my nose to touch her hair, it was while my nose brushed against her hair that she opened her eyes, which I didn't become aware of right at first, I was playing with myself, rubbing the gown against my skin and smelling her ****, that was when I looked up and saw her eyes fixed on me, I could have had a heart attack at that moment. I panicked and ran into the hallway, she follows behind calling me. Once she caught up to me she grabbed my arm and led me back to her room, she didn't make any attempt to cover up. Now let me tell you about her looks, she was 5'2, 155 lbs, 36C, wore size 8 panties, and a size 14 dress. Her shoe size was 5.5 a little too small for me, but her clothes all fit wonderfully. Now back to the moment of truth, she sat down next to me, and asked me how long had I been looking at her while she slept, I told her the truth about 3 months, and she wanted to know if I was JO with her panties, I said yes, She also asked if I was wearing some of her other clothes, I told her yes, she asked if I was using her other daughter’s clothes by some chance, I said yes. She asked about how long had I been using women's clothes, I told her since I was 8, and I went on to say about my mothers clothes and how I went trolling for clothes at night. She asked if I had been with any men, I lied and said no, she wanted to know if any other women had ever caught me, I told her no, which was a lie too, but I figured I might be able to squeeze my way out of this. After a long silence, she stood up and told me to stand up, she looked me over and around, then lifted the nightgown up until she could see my **** in her panties, since they were yellow and nylon, she could see me fairly well, while holding up the gown she reached in and touched me, there was a small wet spot where my pre-*** had come through. She started to stroke me, it didn't take much to get me hard again, she pushed me down to sit on the edge of the bed, she said you wanted to smell me then smell, putting her hand behind my head and pushing my head between her legs, I couldn't believe she was doing this; I kept waiting for her to start yelling, instead she opened her legs, the scent was stronger then before, her inner hair was moist with her own juices, I reached out with my tongue until I made contact with her lips, her hands pushed me deeper into her straining my neck, lick me you sissy is all she would say. I though my neck was going to break from the way she was shoving herself unto my face. I felt her start to move in rhythm with my tongue. As her body gave way to climax she pulled my face back then told me to follow her; we walked into the bathroom, she sat on the toilet opened her **** completely and told me suck her ***** NOW, I got on my knees, then went back to sucking her *****, she came in a couple of minutes; her juices were all over my face. She held onto my hair as she shook. Once the ******* had passed she pulled my face into her *****, I could feel her muscles flexing then came a stream of pee, then it became a gush, she told me to open my mouth, it was hot and salty and so good. When the last drop had come out she told me clean her, I reached for the toilet paper, she said no use your tongue, so I did, then we went back to her room, this is where I got broken in, she had me lay on the bed, she lay next to me and started to kiss me, her hands were over me, this felt wonderful with the nightgown material rubbing me. I started to let my hands go all over her, exploring her **** and nipples, her hand went inside the panties and started playing with me, then she reached between my legs, sliding her fingers down to my ***,
her finger found its way into my ***, I loved it, and she fingered me from her tip up to her third knuckle. Then two fingers. Then she made three go in, I wanted more, and she was ready to give more. That was when she told me roll over, she pulled the panties down exposing my ***, then she buried her face into my ***, licking my hole, probing with her tongue, once she had me wet, she sat up, then lean over to her night-stand and pulled out a very big *****, before I could get the words out she started to push into my ***.
It felt like I was being torn apart, but the tip went in then some of the shaft, I was on fire in my ***; she wouldn't take it out no matter how much I begged. She drove it up to the hilt, and then pulled it out then back in again. She was ******* my *** good and hard.
When she got it to the point where all that was out was the base she left it inside me, she pulled on my hips and rolled me over. My **** was as hard a pine tree, she climbed on top of me and perched herself above my ****, then lowered herself, opening her
hair, then her lips until my **** started to go into her *****, once she was impaled on me she started to ride me, it felt like nothing I had ever experienced, the ***** on my **** and the ***** in my ***, it was pure heaven. Every-time she would drive down ward
her ***** takes my **** into roof of her *****, while the ***** would was trying to come out my stomach. It seemed like a very long time but it was more like a couple of minutes when my balls started to tighten up, and then I shot my load deep into her. Her ***** worked every drop out of me. Without saying a word she lifted up and over,
placing her ***** above my face, then like a switch had been turn on the *** dripped out onto my face, drink sissy she said. It was great her ***** *** and mind was wonderful, as I was filling my mouth, she told me not to swallow, once my mouth was full she laid back down next to me and kissed me, we passed the *** back and forth, each swallowing some. She pushed my head down to her **** telling me to suck hard, then what a surprise I got, milk came out, the more I sucked the more I got. She started to stroke me, which got me hard again. I shot my load on her stomach, which I cleaned off with my tongue. Just when I thought I was done, she wanted one more treat. While on her back she lifted her legs high up over her head, opening her *** wide, stick your tongue here Sissy. As I ran my tongue over her *** she moved around until I was into her hole, eat my *** sissy, with that I gave it all I had, deep thrust with my tongue, , I was her sissy now, she would use me as needed. And in exchange I could wear her clothes, so for the next 4 years, we played together, when I finished school and got a real job, it was only once every couple of weeks, instead of the 3 to 4 times week. It was great; I had a woman who let me wear her clothes and got good ***** too.
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lucky cd

Lucky how old was she

So hard inside my panties now. You have such a wonderful mother-in-law.

I just came on my nighty. thanx for that.

sounds like a lot of fun. :)

I loved ur story and dress frequently also and have been since i was about the same age as you. I have never been caught by any of my family but i have fantisized about it on several occassions, I just hope if i do get caught that my experiance is very simular. ive never fully been with another guy either but again i dream about it all the time. thanks hope all your future

Sounds like a wonderful experience to me.

so lucky girl you are ...

Wow, what a great experience. :) <3

wow ****'n great /sometimes we get lucky

even though it would be my mother in law, that all would be ABSOLUTELY amazing : ). fantastic story

you get all the best treats

Great story ,I only dream about things like this, thanks for sharing. Have fun.