Step Mom Caught Me (part 3)

Alright well most of you know the story so were we go, Today at around 9am i was getting very dizzy and sick so i called my dad, my dad said he would call my step mom and see if she could come get me. Well i was walking back to class and was about halfway there when i realized we were finaly gonna have our talk. I couldnt stop thinking about it the whole class and i justwatched the clock. About 10 minutes beforethe bell the class intercom went off and asked for me to comeupfor dismisale. I was so excited i almost ran to the front office. I quickly got to the office, went outside with my step mom and got in our car. We were about a block away and my step mom broke the silence by asking, "So what clothes do you wear?" I replied with her daghters jeans, shirts, bras, and panties. She said that i was not aloud to do that anymore an i aid ok. Then about 5 seconds later she asked if i was gay, i quickly replied telling her no because im not, anyways we started talking about gay relatives then i asked her if i should buy my own clothes. She said that i shouldnt do anything until i told dad -__- So now me and my step mom are going to make a plan to tell my dad..... wish me luck
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Good luck!

Good luck, Autumn.
At least it seems you have your step-mom on your side. She can help ease things with your father.

Yikes! Best of luck Autumn.

Yikes! The drama keeps building up!


Lol i know right its scary

I think my hair would go gray with all of the stress! Good luck!


Fabulous, good luck sweetie

Thank you

Yes Austin is my real name and Autumn is my girl name :)

I just did :) Autumn was taken though so i put AutumnTG :)

Just mentioning here that it depends on which state one is in regarding how name changes are done. Usually one has to go through a court "name-change" proceeding and prior to that some places require "public notice" regarding the name change to meet the legal requirements.

Unfortunately, going by her other stories/statements she lives in Oklahoma which has one of the worse overall stances on transgender rights (and gay ones) and sometimes a judge tries to even block simple gender-related name changes (big case in the news recently where a trans-woman was denied her name change by a bigoted judge just because it was for gender purposes).

Sadly this is why we eventually need national laws to make such identity laws uniform across state lines. But first we need to get the right-wingers into a minority status in the national House of Reps!

Anyway, the denied trans-woman in OK is appealing that decision and no doubt in time she will get her name change (given the basis of such denial was very false (to prevent a potential "gay marriage and "fraud" on potential marriage partners, etc.) and because other judges usually grant such gender-based name changes without any problem! (so the county and particular judge over-seeing such changes is important). But if one is certain one is transgender/TS and wish to avoid later name-change potential concerns, such as for college or for a job, then YES!'s a good idea to try a name change anyways, but simply check out the record of the court/judge that might be over the case and avoid them somehow if is not having a positive track record on this issue.

But regardless of any legal concerns I do love your suggestion as to a possible middle name of "Dawn", and combines names which otherwise are an end of year (Autumn) but the beginning of a new day (Dawn) ...and perhaps could be seen as representing an end of an previous life, the old boy one, and the start of a new feminine life. And sounds nice too!

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