Caught By Stepdad

I've been wearing my mothers tights and lingerie since i was 4 or 5yo. i raell got into it around my teenage years. I'd have a bath and shave my legs ect while waiting for my mum and stepdad to go to the pub on Friday and Saturday nights.
My stepdad came home and caught me in my mothers sexiest lingerie, had her nylons, heels and full length satin slip on too. He would get me to parade about my room dressed up as he wanked. If i refused he said he would tell everybody all.!! Soon it progressed to me wanking him ....then sucking him (which REALLY turned me on. Then he "arranged" for us to go on a so called fishing trip. It really was a dirty weekend at a hotel. I was a teenager so he bought me teenage girls stuff, makeup Heels and perfume. After the weekend he wanted to ditch mum and run away with me. He said i was much sexier than mum. I was nearly tempted he had a huge thick **** and he made me come like i'd nevercum before. I refused and he's still with mum.  
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Last new year at mums house. We were all drunk and all the first footers had left and mum had collapsed drunk on sofa. She slept through me getting pumped on the stairs, i was wearing my new black lacey basque and stockings under my clothes. He.s a good ****