Attempted To Tell My Sister

Hey guys its Autumn and guess what... I just tried telling my step sister that i crossdress and that im a transgender. See ive been trying tell her for a while but havnt really had the confidence or the alone time with her to tell her. Well about 30 minutes ago i was playing xbox live and nobody else is home and my sister walked into the bathroom to do her hair, well i thought this was perfect timing. So i poked my head through the door and said hi and she said hi back and thats when i said. Sister (not saying her name) I need to tell you something important and she said no and that she was busy and about to leave so i told her that we needed to talk later and she said alright and i walked away. So now i have to tell her sometime tonight or tomorrow. Ill keep you updated.

Hugs and kisses

AutumnCD AutumnCD
18-21, M
5 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I hope it went well sweetie!

I was scared for a long time then I told my older brother n he still supports me with it to this day and so does my step sister so believe in yourself and do it. I hope to see the update.

It is so important to gain family support! Be honest and express your needs and desires, and their love for you will overcome the shock they are bound experience! Good luck sweetheart! And remember, you have a ton of support here at EP. Lots and lots of friends!

Good luck!! I am sure it will go wonderful.

Good for you Autumn, that is a good start. I will be looking for that update, okay?