I Think There On To Me

Recently I have been getting the dealing that my mum and dad know I cross dress and have told my family it all started when my anty was over I came down stairs to say good by and my mum said he's nearly taller than u and she the replyed are u sure ur not wearing ur high heels when she said this I didn't think much of it but the later that day we eeee all at my granny's for her birthday and my different uncle asked me to quickly come into town with him to buy I anty boots for Christmas and when we were in town he said how he was looking for boots that the soil can be replaced as the way she walks wears down one side and I said that happen to me only not with high heels just my trainers and school shoes but he then said are u sure you don't wear heels an even a little dress it was then I thought his is a bit weird then last night my dad pulled up a Santa thing were u enter differt stuff bout the person and he says it and when it came to what I want for Christmas he said ( I see u want son thig to play dress up) it was Now I was frecking out then I asked why'd u say that and he said cause u do dress up . Then before I went to bed he was saying to my mum that on 02 priorty moments there was cheap make up and he said it might be good u know and she glanced at me and said yea get it. I will have to wait and see what's happening any one any views on this ?
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My mums seen me with pink panties on but didn't say anything and my dad was in my room looking for a charger and when I went in my bra pads and panties were in plan site so he's probably seen them so I think they know now

It seems like they kinda know and will be accepting, If you told them about it i'm sure they will help you x

You need to work on your grammar skills.

It's spell checker on my phone messes it up

Well spell checker, and the fact that there are only two periods in that entire passage that you wrote, and horrible grammar.