The Second Person To Know

My older brother was the second to find out. I was probably 17 at this point had my own collection of thongs and skirts and bras I was really good at keeping them from the family and only did my laundry when noone was home. My older brother was 19 and moved out when I was at home doing laundry in my plaid skirt and a bright neon pink thong and a cute lil top. Was going up and down the stairs getting all my secret laundry done and then stepped out to have a smoke. And my bro texted me asking what I was doing and I just said laundry he said that he was gonna stop by and do his. So I went to run inside and get changed when he was standing by the door looking at me all dressed up.
I just smiled n turned bright red. He told me to get inside n sit down. So I did what I was told n crossed my legs n waited for the freak out. He sat down in front of me and the first thing that came out of his mouth was are you gay? I lightly said no but I am bi. Then he asked if I had been with guys and asked if this turned me on. I told him the truth cuz there is no use in lying now, told him I had been with multiple guys and yes it does turn me on. He sat there very silently and the tension was actually turning me on. He was wiggling in his chair not saying anything, then he asked if I wore the underwear too, so I slowly opened my legs and showed him my bright pink thong between my legs. Then I noticed his pants had a bulge growing in his lap.

I asked if he was gay and he got alil upset and slapped me which turned me on more and he said he isn't gay never been with a guy and never wanted to, I just looked a lot like a lil girl to him... So I stood up and got my black high heels and my blonde wig on and came back and asked if that was better he replied very fast with a big yes.... Let me know if you guys wanna know more if not then it ends there ;)
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more please, your stories are really good