Part 2

If you read the first part he for the rest.

I walked back into the room with heels on an my wig and my brother told me that I had to get bent over his knees to get my punishment. So I bent over his knee as the skirt slid up showing my shaved legs and *** and the lil pink thong going up my ***. He lifted my skirt and started to spank me and I felt him getting harder under my body. I reached my hand up between his legs and found his **** and started to stroke it through his sweats. He pushed me off and I landed on my back knees I. The air exposing my thong and my very hard ****. He said that the only way he wouldn't show my mom all of my clothes was to suck him until he *** then I would get the free pass. So he dropped his pants and boxers to release the biggest **** I had seen at that point and I instantly wanted it so I crawled back to him. Grabbed the base of the shaft and started to stroke it and licking the tip. I the wrapped my lips around the head and slowly took the 9in into my mouth deep into my throat. I sucked and sucked then out of nowhere I feel something on my *** I jump and look back it's my brothers gf with some lube and a d***o I got so excited at this point and started sucking and stroking harder and faster as she slide the ***** deep into my ***. I felt his **** start to swell and feel like it was going to explode then he did my mouth got filled with his hot *** and it spilled out of the corners of my mouth just alil bit when his gf helped clean my face and rolled me over onto my back with the ***** still inside my *** she pulled my **** out from u set the thong and got right over the tip of it then slammed it deep I side her soaking wet *****. It didn't take to long of her riding me and the ***** deep inside me to make me explode all deep inside her wet *****. To this day her and I still hook up but my brother had a couple of other attempts to experiment with me then and still now denies it all.
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Dec 14, 2012