My Life As A Crossdresser First Part

It started as I mentioned in a previous story with my piano/drama teacher when I was 17 - up til that point I had been a fairly normal ,if bi-sexually inclined teenager,
He opened up a whole new world of experiences for me so much so that I started to do it at home and family places whenever I could.
My fathers sister was 20 years older than me and lived about 10miles away in another town in her own house ( she was single and had never married- my sister and I suspected she was Lesbian, but had no real proof ) and we would stay with her on occasion sometimes together but more frequently it would just be me.
Aunt Anne was a a voluptuous woman who liked to dress well and had a lot of lovely clothes always welcomed us either together or singly to stay over with her, which we did on a regular basis ( she was our only relative)
On this occasion I went on my own as my sister was away with her friends on holiday in Spain...Aunt Anne greeted me off the train and as I was almost 18 took me to a local hotel for lunch, which consisted of quite a few drinks too!!!
On returning to her house a few hours later I was a little drunk and feeling a bit woozy, so she insisted on me lying down in my room for a couple of hours,as she closed the bedroom door she said she was going down the road to her friends house and would leave the number on the table if I needed her.
I slept for an hour or so, then got up to go to the toilet, passing her room on the way I saw the door ajar and peeked was empty of course- but I suddenly had the urge to see her underwear ( having seen some in the wash basket in the bathroom) cautiously I entered and went to the drawers beside her bed and eased them open in the 3rd drawer down I found panties,tights...AND stockings!!! - it was gold dust to me...I pulled out a pair of very sheer black panties and held them to my nose,loving the feeling of them and getting a huge erection at the same time!!!!
I delved further and found some shiny black hold up stockings with which I rubbed myself.... Unable to resist,I slipped on the stockings and panties and stood in front of her mirror then wanked off ..
It was wonderful and so erotic I came like a fountain all over the glass- then panic overtook me and I quickly got tsome tissues to clean up before putting the lingerie back where I found it .
Even though I thought I was thorough ,I must have missed some because Anne approached me the next day,asking if I had been in her first I denied all knowledge of it , but she persisted and eventually I confessed that I had been in there....
In my underwear drawers she asked gently....
I nodded unable to speak with the shame of being discovered !!
I knew someone had been in, I'm just glad it was'nt a stranger she said quietly
Do you like my undies Charles? She went on
Again I nodded to her
I was so embarassed I could barely speak,but when I did it all gushed out i told her all about my experiences with my piano teacher and how he had introduced me to women's clothing....then with some mild persuasion I told her I was also bi-sexual....she did'nt seem shocked at anything I said. And was very reassuring to me saying that it would be ok to do it whilst I was there ( but my dad would'ntt be so understanding!!! ) - I think I knew that because he was so straight laced!! -the upshot was that after a short while ,she invited me up to her room to look at some 'things' I might like .... Sure enough she had the drawers I had gone through open and was picking things out for me to look at, including the black panties I had worn
'I suppose you'll be wanting these Charles' she smiled at me
I managed to say 'yes please'
'I knew they had been worn ' she went on
Eventually she had sorted out a small pile of sexy lingerie for me to use - but there was a bigger shock to come...
'Why don't you try some on for me?'
'You mean now?' I replied getting excited
'Yes why not , then I can help if you
I took the pile of lingerie back to my room and with shaking hands selected the black panties,sheer hold ups and a lacy black bra.....I was getting hard just touching them...mmmmm
Anne called through 'are you ready yet'
'Won't be a minute ' I managed to reply
Feverishly I ******** off and drew on the stockings, my **** was aching by now !!!
Then with a little difficulty I put on the bra just before getting the panties on.
Anne came through the door as I stood up straight and remarked that I really suited black,being fair skinned
There was no way I could hide my huge erection and she commented on how big I was these days!!!
I looked at myself in the full length mirror and managed to smile.... To be continued

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