Girlfriends Mum Found Out About Me.

A few weeks ago my girlfriends mum (Pamela) was round, attractive woman not old at all. Somehow it got mentioned that I haved shaved my legs somtime ago & if I did it now (which I want to) my girlfriend wouldn't like it, Pamela said "Well it wouldn't bother me"

Anyway a week later, I had to go round to Pamela's to do some work for her as she lives on her own. She made me some lunch, I sat down in the front room to take a break. While we were eating, she said to me "can I ask you something?" "sure" I said. "Are you a transvestite?" she said calm as you like. I nearly spat my food out! My initial reaction was to laugh and say don't be so silly but for some reason I didn't, I just paused and very nervously said "I don't know". She the asked me if I had ever dressed in her daughters clothes, to which I just relied "yes I have" I wanted to say " no but I couldn't, it was like deep down I wanted her to know. She then asked if her daughter new to which I confirmed "definatly not"!
Then the most bizzare thing, she said "if you dont want to dress at home incase of getting caught you are welcome to come round here and dress, I could help you if you want"
I was now lost for words, no one had ever seen me before dressed. I was starting to shake with excitment at the thought of it. She said "when you come back tomorrow if you want to bring a few things, i'll leave it up to you". I drove home later that afternoon in a daze, I couldn't believe what she had said to me.
Next morning I took a few of my favourite items of clothing from my girlfriends wardrobe, I thought I would wait to see if Pamela said anything when I arrived, I wasn't going to.
She let me in, I just went and get on with finishing the work I had started yesterday . When I finished about 2pm she said "did you bring anything special with you? "yes" I nervously. replied.
Why don't you go jump in the shower and then put on one of your favourite outfits for me? she said. I got out of the shower, not quite believing what was happening, shaking with excitement, went into the bedroom, (Pamela was in the lounge), I slipped on a pair of pink panties, a pink bra and then a tight woolen jumperdress. "Come into the lounge when you are ready " she said, I walked into the lounge shaking, I just stood there and looked at her, "Oh lovely, how does that dress feel on" she said. I could hardly speak, plus this whole moment was getiing me really excited to which she could see as the dress was tight. She then asked me to go and put something else on I enjoy wearing.
I then put on a long cardigan with just my bra & knickers underneath, I walked back into the lounge. She said "can I see your knickers" I pulled up my cardigan and showed her my pink knickers, I then went to walk away. "Don't go" she said I want to look at you. This got me really excited, I stood there with a now huge erection making a tent in my cardie. "Undo your cardigan" she said. I nervously undid it all the way, she could now see my bra and panties and my hard on. I was so excited I was trembling. She got up, came up to me just put her hand on my back and started rubbing her hand up & and down my back. I stood there and just ********** after a few seconds alll over the carpet.
I then went & got changed and no more was said, it hasn't been mentioned since. I sort of hope it happens again, but don't think it will, we both do not want to hurt my girlfriend.

It was the most erotic moment of my life.
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do love your story please tell us if it happens again

your story got me off

UPDATE: Ok so today I had to go round to do a couple of things for Pamela, she had first text me saying bring some clothes but then later on she had text again say "dont bring any clothes, you wont need them" to which I found strange and just thought she was feeling gulity towards my girlfriend which is understandable. So I thought nothing would happen.
Anyway I went around today as planned, she made me a cup of tea and straight away said my girlfiend must never ever find out about what happened a few months back and anything that was to happen in the future to which I obviously agreed, she also made it clear there would never be any sexual contact between us.

Then what happend amazed me, she said "come into the bedroom, I have laid something out for you". We walked into the bedroom and on the bed she had laid out some white panties and bra and a black seethrough negligee.
"They are mine" she said, "I want you to wear them". I honestly didnt know what to say. "Turn around, undress and slowly put my knickers and bra on" she said, so I turned around so I wasnt facing her, undressed, pulled on her panties and put on her bra, to which she insisted on doing the back up for me.
She said, "now put on my lovely soft negligee and the tell me how it feels"
I put on her negligee and said it feels so nice, at this point I could hear her doing something so went to turn around to which she quickly said "don't turn around yet" She then said "very slowly pull you panties down" so I followed her instruction. "tell me how it feels she said" By now I was getting very aroused and I replied "It feels so nice, it's turning me on"

She then said "Turn around very slowly so I can see your **** moving inside my negligee" So I slowly turned around to face her with my **** making a tent in her negligee and to my absolute amazement she was stood there with her knickers around her ankles, her hand up her skirt rubbing her vagina furiously, I was completely stunned but my god so turned on. She then started saying "You want to wear more of my clothes don't you" I just nodded, "stroke your ****" she said. She was getting more and more turned on, I don't think I have ever seen a women strum their ***** so furiously. Then all of a sudden her *** was starting to run down her leg, slowly trickling down which got me at bursting point.
Then all of a sudden she she kept saying "don't stop stroking him, don't stop stroking him" then let out a scream as she litterally spayed all over the floor, ******* hell I have never seen anything like it! "*** in my nighty she then said, *** in my nighty" I litterally only had to touch my penis and spurted all over her negligee which seemed to give her a real turn on.
We both looked at each other and smiled. She pulled her panties up, i got changed. "That may need a wash" she said looking at her spunked stained negligee. We didn't speak anymore about it while I was there. When I went a while later she just said "I will be in touch" and winked at me.

Update; I am going around to her house in 2 days time to do some work for her, she text me saying bring some clothes if you wish! I cannot wait!

Read this 6-months ago and I still get the same reaction...........what happens NEXT??

It has been 6 months since you posted this story, dear, which sounds like a dream come true. How about an update on your girlfriend and her mom, Pamela. I would love to hear and I am sure others here would love too as well.

awesome experience.....keep in touch with never know where it might lead


What an incredible story!! I can only imagine what that must been like to expose your femininity for the first time!

What an experience!

What a lovely lady your g/f's mum is,has anything happened since

No so far nothing has happened since.