The Road Trip Part 1 - The Highway Overpass

I had a rare opportunity to take a solo road trip a few years ago. I've been dressing off and on most of my life, but alone. I'm not passable, and I don't go out in public. I do enjoy the opportunity to feel fresh air on my nylons though, so I've taken some late night strolls, and things like that before. This trip would be different though, I had to drive about 5 hours, so once I was about an hour from home and away from towns, I pulled over and slipped on an outfit and wig; opaque tights, 5" heels, thong panties, short denim skirt, floral top over my lacy bra. It felt great, and I drove the whole day on the interstate highways like that. I would slow as I passed truckers hoping they caught a glimpse of my legs and short skirt. It felt wonderful, and I even pulled over at one point at a very remote highway exit, drove under the overpass where I couldn't be seen and got out to walk around a bit. I even changed my outfit a few times there and took pictures outside the car.

The more pictures I took, the braver and hornier I got. I started to flash a little as I took pictures, I changed my skirt outside the car standing on the road. I was walking down the center of the road under the highway overpass as car whizzed by above me, completely oblivious. It was a great free feeling!

I just set up the camera timer, aimed it back toward the highway exit and starting walking toward it down the center of the road to pose when I suddenly heard something different than the trucks and cars going by overhead. I panicked as I heard the tires of a vehicle coming down the highway exit, and slowing. I turned back toward the car, but I was about 50 feet away from the car and the same distance from the exit on the other side. I froze as my heart started to pound even stronger. It was a pickup with one person in it. They came down the exit ramp, didn't even completely stop at the stop sign, and started right back up the on ramp. I'm not sure if he saw me or not, I think he was looking the other direction, but I was shaking! I went back to the car for a few minutes to regain my composure. I decided to take a couple of more pictures and then get moving. I walked back toward the exit ramp and that truck was stopped on the on ramp just a little ways up! I took a couple of pictures where he couldn't see me, then got back in the car and turned around. I had to drive right past him on the on ramp to get back on the highway. He started to follow me as we got back on the highway. About five miles down the road was an exit with a rest stop. I pulled in there and parked at the far end of the parking area away from cars and the buildings - I was hoping my friend may come visit me, but he kept driving. My heart was pounding in my chest for the next two hours! Part 2 coming next.. :)

Here's me, ducking when I saw the truck parked:

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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Great pictures I could never be the brave ;-)

I love doing the same thing

Try doing it at a roadside park, get out walk around, or at night if you want use the women rest room, I like to stand there a little with a shear top and a red or hot pink bra, mini skirt, panty hose, heals, feels great

Mmmm, so Hot!!