The Road Trip Part 2 - The Motel

If you haven't already, read part 1, it kind of leads into this one....
Here's a couple pictures from part 1:

After my adventure in part 1, I decided I better just stay in the car and get to where I was going. I drove another couple of hours before I got close to the town I was headed to. About 5 miles out of town, I removed my wig, put on a bulky sweatshirt to cover my pink blouse and bra, took off my skirt, and put some pants on over my tights, switching my heels for tennis shoes. Now I looked like a guy again. I drove to my motel and parked on the far side of the parking lot, about 150 feet from the front of the motel. I checked in and got my room key. There was only a few other cars in the lot, so I figured there wouldn't be many people around. It was just getting dark when I checked in, and I couldn't wait to get in my room and get all dolled up. I almost ran back to the car to grab my bags and back to the room. I immediately ******** down once inside, and started to put on makeup. Once I was finished with that, I realized I forgot my wig in the car. DAMN! I had full makeup already. Well, it was almost dark out, and there weren't many people around, so I put on my jeans and a jacket and ventured back out to the car. No one around, I made it out and back with no issues. WHEW! I was a little nervous, but I made it. I got back in, took off the jeans and put the short skirt back on, then I realized I had left my heels in the car too! I was so mad at myself for being so stupid. I decided I deserved some punishment for that mistake. I was obviously not thinking clearly, and I would have to pay for it. I said no way are you going to change clothes AGAIN! So I put on my shoes wearing just my tights, and short skirt, panties, bra, and floral print blouse. I nervously opened the door and peeked out. No one around. Then I decided I better take a picture of me doing this too, so I set the timer and opened the door, stepped outside and let it snap.

I then made my way to the car, about 150 feet away across empty parking lot that was fairly lit. I just tried to walk normally, watching around me - there were some cars going by on the road, but they were about 1/2 a block away, surely if they noticed my short skirt, they wouldn't have time to see I was a man - I hoped. A little over halfway to the car, I heard a door open and shut behind me - OH NO! Another guest had just left their room. A couple steps and I glanced back over my shoulder - a man had come out of the room above mine, the motel doors open to a deck on the second floor, and he was walking the deck toward the stairs, staring at me. OMG - my heart really started to pound now, and as I neared the car, I decided maybe I'll go to the far side of the car to get in to provide some "cover" from his stares. I unlocked the passenger door and opened in, peeking up to see where he was. He was slowly walking toward a pickup truck. He opened the door and started to rummage around inside looking for something. I bent over and stuck my head in the car to find my heels. I wasn't in a hurry because I wanted him to clear the area before I walked back to my room. There I was, standing in the parking lot, bent over in my short skirt with my head in the car, and what happens next? I feel the warmth of headlights on my ***, which I'm sure was exposed beneath my skirt as I bent over. Another pickup truck had pulled into the motel parking lot, headed right at me! I practically jumped into the car seat and closed the door. I'm sure he got a full shot of my bright pink panties and my *** covered in my tights. He pulled in next to the other truck and said something to the other guy still at his truck. I'm sure he was in no hurry to find what he was after too as he kept looking over at me. The second truck driver ran into a room, got something and then left. The first guy finally pulled a six pack of beer out of his back seat and slowly started back for the stairs. Once he got upstairs, I opened the door and got out of the car. He slowly walked along the deck, staring at me as I started back for my room. He went in, but left his front window open. I kind of slowly walked back, now calming a little, and hoping he may come back out and invite me up for a drink. I didn't see him again, so I want back to my room and put on my heels and wig. An hour or so later, I went back outside and walked about 4 blocks in both directions on a sidewalk that was away from the street. I also wandered around in front of his window a little then, if he would have come out, I would have gone to his room with him! I was so horny!

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sounds like you had fun !!

Dangerous & exciting ! But you look so cute & sexy, I could only wish I was staying in that motel that night, I certainly would have invited you in for a drink. And hopefully we could have had a good drink from each other ?

I try to always make sure I have a safe exit if something is wrong... I also try NOT to expose myself like what happened on this trip - twice!