I Told My Bestfriend

Hey everyone well the other night i decided i was going to come out and say everything to my bestfriend Amber. Her and I have been bestfriends for a year and she is very trustworthy so i thought i would tell her. So i told her i needed to tell her some of my secrets and she replied saying oooo secret time!!, So i got nervouse and said there were 2 secrets and that one of them was that i was bi sexual, she said i shouldnt be ashamed of that and that now we can talk about boys together. So i decided to type in about my whole life and how i always crossdressed and then learned that i was a transgender and here is exactly what texted back

why in the world would you want to be a girl haha just messing with you this kind of stuff would never ruin our freindship/siblingship haha i love you and i will always be here for you okay if anything this makes me love you anymore that im the only one that knows. :)

And then she wanted to see me all dressed up and so i sent her a blurred picture of me and she said i looked cute :). Now she is telling me how in march since she will get her license. We can go shopping and she will help me complete my goal of becoming the pretty girl named Autumn i was always meant to be :) -Autumn
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I wish I had a best friend like that

i love your story. i love every cd story. and i wish i had d same life as u and all the other cd who r reveald and helped in that

It must feel so wonderful to come out to someone who is so accepting of who you are and not judgemental. Be careful and be happy. Above all, be yourself. At your age it is the beginning of something truly wonderful and something you can embrace. For many of us our world does not accept us and are very ignorant of others. If only I was your age at this time to have the internet and support of so many. My love to you and Good luck Autumn

She sounds wonderful

That is so wonderful! look forward to read about it!

Sounds like you have a wonderful freind hun ! I hope she helps you to become the sexy girl you really want to be. After she helps you with your makeover, we all would love to see some nice pics of you as Autumn. So proud of you brave girl !

congratulations... i am so happy for you! :)

We're simply delighted that you took that first step...now yr journey has just begun!
Enjoy every min of it :)

I am so happy you have such a true dear friend! This is fantastic!
I'm happy you have finally come forth to someone who will support you!
Best wishes baby girl!

I am happy that your friend is so understanding and is willing to help you reach your goal. Some friends would dump you in a heart beat.

Congratulations on having a dear, true friend!!