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Caught In My Sister Panties And Bra.

This experience happened last month, and i've been itching to get it off my chest, but i obviously wasen't going to tell someone i know in person.

This happened over summer break.

I've been wearing womens clothing ever since i got my new house, when we moved in, i quickly realized that the long hallways and slick hard-wood floors were fun to slide on. I was running up and down the hall, sliding down for like 30 minutes when i got the idea to slide down on my butt/legs. Sliding in basketball shorts, and ankle socks wasent cutting it. I went to my sister and asked if she had anything for me to wear so i would be able to slide down on my butt/legs. She told me that tights, pantyhose, leggings, or yoga pants would work, and told me to pick out whatever fit best. I took a pair of pantyhose, just because they looked quite sexy in my humble opinion. About an hour later, i got bored of running around the house, and returned the pantyhose to my sister.

A few years later, i couldn't help but remember how good the pantyhose felt on my legs. I figured that if they felt good, wouldn't all girls clothes be more comfortable than boys? I snuck in to victorias room and looked in her drawer, her clothes were so sexy. Being 17 she wore much sexier clothing than girls my age did. I am only 14 but i pay alot of attention to what girls wear. I quietly went back to my room, making sure i didn't get caught.

I waited until that night, around 1:30 am, and went to the laundry room, having to pass my mother, and my sisters room i was nervous i would wake someone up, but i didnt. I looked around, and found my sisters clothes in the dryer. I didn't know what to wear, i had never done this before. I grabbed a lacie thong from victoriassecret and a black very sexy push-up bra. I went back to my room, undressed, and put on the panties, and bra. I crawled into bed, and went to sleep. I figured since it was summer, noone would wake me, and i could put the panties and bra back, i was wrong.

My sister came in the next morning, asking me if she had seen, exactly what i was wearing, under the blanket, only feet from her. I told her no, but she insisted that i help her look. I told her i would be up in a few minutes, but she ripped the cover off, and saw me wearing the thong, and push-up bra. My heart sank, and an evil grin came over her face.

She closed the door, and locked it. She walked back over to the bed, crawled in beside me, and pulled the cover back up. She ******** down to her panties and i started feeling her breasts. I pulled her panties off, and she took my bra off. i removed my panties, revealing my small penis.

She got me harder than i have ever been, and we ******. My mother walked in and caught us, and joined in. We ended up having a 3-some before my mother called some men she knew, they came over, and my mother and sister dressed me as a women, and they gang-banged me. I loved it, and now i dress up as a girl all the time.
Ilovepanties14 Ilovepanties14 13-15, M 13 Responses Jun 3, 2013

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It was believable until the last two paragraphs

****** fake

Lets check your dipstick here, yep, full of ****. This is sooooooo over the top it doesn't even make good fantasy.


my sister caught me and took pics and made me suck her bf

did she ever show the pics?

You are one lucky lady

totally fake

It seemed legit until that last part. Fake.

HI U need to add some detail , also make it have what novelists call "continuity of

story" (at least that is what editors call it IE "your sister closed and locked the door"

and then two lines later "my mother walked in", .......thru a locked door .

What is this fake crap

Um i'm pretty damn sure your mom and sister would't **** you

most fake story i have ever read on this site

or at least just the last part

Didn't have much time to write this, if you would like a more in-depth story, message me.

id like a more truthfull story? but bieng ****** by sister and mum :3 my god #Imbred