When I was about 14, a young european family moved in 2 houses down. I soon introduced myself and successfully landed a lawn cutting job trying to earn extra money through the summer. The mother, Stefania, was stunningly pretty and worked as a fashion model. The father Alex was a international businessman and was rarely home. Being from Europe, the family was very much more liberal about modesty than your typical American Midwesterners. Stephania would sunbath on the back deck topless and think little of covering up her lovely breasts when getting up to answer the phone or refilling her drink. The first time this happened I almost ran over a bush with the lawnmower.

We soon became good neighbors and the lawn cutting evolved into babysitting their two grade school daughters as well. About the third night I sat for the family, the parents were going off to a formal event. When I got there, the girls were already in their jammies and insisted on seeing a favorite television show; however, the only TV in the house was in their parents bedroom. Stefania said she didn't mind at all if the girls and I watched TV while she got ready. Her vanity was just around the corner from the television. She was wearing a long silky robe and only turned away enough such that I did not have a full frontal view of her nakedness as she put on her intimates. Once in her silky bra and panties she freely moved about the room putting together her wardrobe for the night. She engaged me in conversation as she rolled the pantyhose up her legs and over her hips as if inviting me to look. I was pondering whether she was just so used to being in this mode because of her profession or enjoyed an adolescent with dry mouth and shakey voice intoxicated by her beauty. Either case, I was in absolute heaven having this display of lovliness and lingerie in front of me. One of the girls poked me in the arm and said, "Mama is so pretty isn't she?". I just nodded in amazement with the girls giggling.

Stefania now sat down in front of her vamity and did her make-up. My occassional glimpses were evolving into longer ogles absorbing every detail. Her long muscular legs encased in nylon, lovely breasts bouncing in her bra while she fixed her hair and careful observation of her transformational make-up aplication to accentuate all her delicate features.

She shocked me out of trance every now and then by starting conversation. First Stefania brought up the weather, then the yard and finally the she opened the conversation with the ice breaker of all time "You love wearing lingerie - don't you. I am missing some things I had hung in the bathroom to dry a few nights ago when you babysat. I could see your pantie lines clear as could be under your pants when you walked in the house."
Here I was laying in her bed baby sitting her girls and wearing her stolen panties and pantyhose under my jeans. I was busted big time. Sheepishly I agreed staring in her eyes awaiting my sentence. I think it's cute and I don't mind - but please do not steal from me. I have plenty of clothes I'm tired of and would gladly give you if you just ask. She slid on her silky dress strapped on some very high heels and asked my how she looked. Naughtily she grabbed my chin and whispered "Maybe I'll let you wear this someday. Take good care of my girls Andrea."

I was dumbfounded by the whole event that happened.
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I wish I had a nabor like that growing up !!

So great. Lucky girl

Kind of dumbfounded myself after reading that one. All I can say is.... WOW!

What a neighbor.

Did she every let you wear any of her cloths or help you dress up.

What a lovely story.

a beautiful and sensual story


You were so very fortunate to have such a wonderful neighbour!

House sitting is my best. I have the house for a few days or a week and all the girlie clothes to try on too.

I'm sure that was heaven on earth for you! Please share more as I'm sure that could NOT have been the end of the the fun times at their home. 😉