It all started when I was around 8 I saw my sisters pantiehose and decide to wear them I love the feel of them I started to get more excited from her clothes and progressed to wearing her swimming costume, bras and panties.

I kept getting caught all the time and the first time i did get caught my sister saw my penis hanging out the side of her swimming costume because I was masturbateing I also was sniffing her dirty underwear loving them soo much.

my sister glanced over wgen she walked in and then I cumed and she saw it go all over her swimming costume she was like thats gross and also said give me my clothes back in 5 minutes leave them outside my door and when I did she said thank you in a cocky way

The second time I got cajght I was In her room and I was dressed in her clothes then she came home early ran upstairs and there I was o her bed with my **** out she looked at it and said get out my room and give me back my clothes you dirty bastard soo I did.

That didnt stop me from wearing them I even use to goto school with her panties on nobody noticed and my sister still kept noticing that her clothes went missing and kept asking for them back and I kept giving them back and continueing to wear them again.

Now im more sneaky and I borrow at night from the clean and dirty laundry baskets without her knowing and I put them back exactly where I found them and I sometimes slip up where I forget exactly where they were in the pile but she doesn't seem to notice at all.

Thats my story on how I became a crossdresser who been caught.

Thanks for reading
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Do you think she's told the rest of the family?

No she didn't want to let it out cuz she was ashamed of me

Sorry she took that approach. How do you think your mom would feel about your fem side?

Probably dissown me