A long time ago now I lived on my own and would dress up all the time I got so used to it and it was perfectly normal for me. One day someone knocked at the door and I went to open it completely forgetting that I was wearing pink tights and a really short black skirt. I opened the door and one of my friends was there. I can't remember now what she wanted, but all I can remember is the shock on her face when she saw me. I acted as if it was perfectly natural, which for me, it was. So ever since she has known that I like to dress. She has seen me many times wearing women's clothes since then and is cool with it. In fact so are all my friends as I do it so much, that is what I a known for. Now if anybody pops round unexpectedly, they know they will find me wearing something unusual.
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9 Responses Aug 20, 2014

That would be just great to have such a memory lapse like that. Love you story.

A real friend will accept and not be bothered by it. People who do are not real friends. Good for you to be you and to have good friends.

Great to have a friend that knows you dress.

How about your family?

I'd love to be able to dress as openly as you do. Do you go out en femme as well? Shopping, etc?

I realize it is just clothes, but society in general doesn't accept men wearing women's clothing.

It's so weird that people even care that much what the hell people like to do/wear.

A person's need to judge others is generally inversely proportional to their own confidence and self-esteem.

Sounds ideal really. You get to be you with friends that accept you for you.

I have a few close friends who know I dress but not many. My wife is my biggest supporter though and actually enjoys me dressed up.

As it should be.

Nothing wrong with being androgynous.