It happened a couple of years ago I went camping with a guy friend that I've known for a while. I've always wore panties and all of my clothes are gender neutral.
We showed up at a lake and set up our tent and everything. Then went fishing. Afterwards we came back and it was getting late so I went to the shower house to shower. I hurried up and showered. Got dried off and slid on my favorite hot pink lace thongs and grey booty shorts they were tight fitting but some what gender neutral. Put on a loose fitting tank top. At this point I had been on hormones for about 6 mo and had started developing breast not very big but I was about a b cup. So I get back to the tent and josh says he was gonna shower and he would be back. I told him that I was gonna go to sleep. When he left I slid my shorts off and got in my sleeping bag. When he got back I was asleep.
I woke up a little later to josh jacking off! I was turned on by it so watched for a while until I started rubbing myself though my panties. He was big and so cute I wanted him for so long. Anyway. I was getting carried away when I let out a moan. That's when he looked up and asked what I was doing. I said nothing. Then he ran over and. Ripped my sleeping bag opened to find my tank top lifted up and my little ******* and my rock hard nipples and my pink panties.
Needless to say he was still naked and hard with his **** in my face all I could is put it in my mouth. Lol
I sucked him until he came and then he crawled in my bag and we made out then he ****** my aching boi *****.
We stayed another 3 days did nothing but **** the whole time. When we got back he was my official boyfriend for 3 years.
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Love it.Great story.
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