One day I went all dressed up and went to target. One way it was out of the way and where someone couldn't find me. I wore a blouse, a bra, a skirt, a full slip, and a red lace brief. I was walking through the ladies underwear section. Just on the edge. And my aunt came by! She didn't see me at first but she turned down the underwear section to! So I went in the dressing to try on some things. And I come out and she sees me! She's the one person who knows. She was with a friend and had to explain how she knew me! She said that I work with her. In my hands I was holding a package of Hanes women's briefs and her friend said is that what you wear? Because there's better kinds out there. I said okay and just took off!
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Good thing your auntie covered for you! Then again she could have taken you shopping with them and got some good advice. :)

Have fun sweetie.

your experience was bad and exciting