Last night I was wearing my sisters clothes I had on her blue bra with matching getting on silky pantyhose black mini skirt pink crop top and 5 icnh pink heels on and I went to the park just to walk around when I got back home I finished my day riding my biggest *****
Pantyhoseboy1 Pantyhoseboy1
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That is so stinking hot

I have done the same at a near by park in the dark. It is so invigorating.

God!! Bet you looked so sexy!!!

I hope you let your sister know you wear her clothes. She would probably help you coordinate or put on the makeup.

All she did was show me how to do my make up and give me one of her slutty outfits

Did you accept the outfit and help graciously? If so, she would probably be able to get you more, perhaps from her friends or girls you know.

Yeah I did take it and two of her friends started to help me dress and even used strapons on me

That is wonderful. I think it shows that females rule and guys drool and they are rightfully in charge when they tell us to bend over so they can hump us with strap on's.

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