I went to the store wearing my favorite high waisted thong and forgot I was wearing it so I went to the bath room and this guy saw it and he forced me in the stall and raped me he shoved the head of his **** in my throat and it was at least 8 inches long after awhile he bent me over the toilet and slid his manhood in my butt he put a sock in my mouth so I couldn't scream he pump in and out of my butt for what felt like an hour then he pulled the sock out my mouth and blew his load all over my face and in my mouth I loved it then he left and as I was getting up another man walk in the stall and started to do the same thing expect this guy was my first BBC he was like 10 inches I had so much fun that night
Pantyhoseboy1 Pantyhoseboy1
22-25, T
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Oh my!! You are sexy hot!!