Caught By Wife

I have been wearing panties off and on since i was 12 when mommy diapers me then put panties on me. that is another story if you ever want to hear it.
so when i got married, young, wife sort of became the boss. She would have me do some housework on my days off while she worked. First was just straighten up, then was vacuum, then get dinner ready and finally laundry and i had to learn to hand wash some of her things.
So after few times doing laundry, one day i picked up pair of her panties from the basket, smelled nice, stains in them, and before i knew it i was putting them on. Immediately the old memories came back and i was little embarrassed but also turned on. So i started wearing them short time here or there when she was not home, but afraid to take a chance of being caught so would put them back hours before she was due home. Few weeks later I was so busy I forgot to change and she came home and I had her panties under jeans. Nothing happened, she never saw or figured it out and when she went to bed i changed. So i got bolder. i would wear even if she was home, and change before bed. Then one day i decided to try her bra when i took it out of the hamper. It smelled so sexy, almost like after sex for some reason. so i tried to get it on but the straps were to short. So i extended them. I wore it and panties all day then put the bra back and kept panties on. SHe came home, saw laundry was not done and was mad because she needed the bra. So she said she would wear it dirty but I better clean it next day. Well when the straps were way to long for her, she asked why they had been adjusted. I tried to make something up fast but i stumbled and she realized maybe i had tried it on. She asked me if i had been wearing her things and i asked what things and she said my bras or panties. i said why would i do that. She said well lets see, and told me to drop my pants right now in front of her. I said that was ridiculous but she was mad and said do it so i did and she was her pinky silky panties on me. She was mad. Called me names, told me she would find a way to deal with this and then she said to pull my pants up and go finish making dinner.
When i came back she was on phone with my mommy. She told me she would deal with it after dinner and we went to eat. i felt so embarrassed but hard in her panties all through dinner. After dinner she told me to do the dishes and then come see her in her room. When i went in she told me to take my pants off and to walk over to her. I did it and she told me to lay over her lap.I told her that was ridiculous and she said you were a bad boy little ricky so i am going to spank you. It reminded me of exactly what my mommy would say to me when i did things wrong. So I laid over her lap and she spanked me hard 10 times, i even started to cry a little. She told me next time would be worse and i better never wear her panties and bras again. She said my mommy told her about when i was younger and i better stop now. She said she did not marry a *** or a sissy and why couldn't i be like some of my real man friends. i remember begging her to forgive me and she said ok this time. I pulled my jeans up and went to watch tv and that was first time she ever caught me. But after that she was madder when she caught me.

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She is not a nice wife, you should tell her that those panties are comfortable and she should let you wear them. As for the bra, what's the point of wearing her bra, it is werid, just touch her boobs. I think what is better than wearing her panties is for you to go commando, i think it woupd probably be more comfortable. Or if u really want to be the most comfortable go naked, if she is your wife and truely loves you, then she will enjoy seeing you naked

I love the story...wish it was me

You need to let her keep catching you cause eventually she will make you wear them all the time, so keep doing what makes you happy. And if she leaves you then you will have plenty of time to wear them.
So you win either way.....Have lots of fun

Kinda...sorta...for several years before we married I had a pretty nice apartment across town from my (now) wife. She worked afternoons, and I worked days, so getting together was often a matter of a half-hour here and there. Whenever she could, she'd stop at my place on her way home for a quicky, and she would often leave her panties stuffed under my pillow, " a reminder."

That was usually the end of it; while I really like all the sexy undies she wore, I never thought about wearing them. As fate would have it, I was rushing around the apartment to go over town when I discovered I didn't have any clean underwear so I grabbed the last pair she'd left. (Luckily, they were full cut and I was pretty slim at the time.)

Anyway, I went about my business and actually forgot I was wearing them; until she showed up and wanted to mess around. Without thinking I dropped my drawers and there were her panties. I know I turned as red as could be, as did she, and we both just stood there and stared at each other for a second. I must have sounded like a complete moron trying to explain why I was wearing her panties, but she finally decided that my story was simply too stupid to make up. She got a lot of milage teasing me about that incident, and I'm pretty sure she told her sisters; but it was a long time beffore she left me any more "reminders!"

Wow great times. I got caught by a girlfriend years ago and she sure punished me hard

if your wife diasagrees with you wear pantys and bras, you might be in more trouble later on, so be carefull ,ok