Friends Mom Red Handed

I had been over to a friends house staying the weekend, his father needed him to go with him and they would be gone awhile. They said just watch tv while they were gone. Well soon as they left i went in his sisters room and started going through her drawers. Found some white nylon bikini and pretty bra which i put on. Then went to parents room and found his mothers drawers. She had some really sexy things but i caught a pair of her used panties lying on the floor and couldn't resist. They smelled so good i was stroking and smelling when i heard a gasp. I turned to see his mom standing there damn i started to hide next to the bed. She came right to me and said get up are those my dirty panties what do you think your doing. i was caught. she said we were gonna have to punish me for playing with their private things. She sat on the bed, pulled up her skirt and slip and made me lay over her lap. She spanked me hard for awhile then began rubbing my pantied ***. i was very hard and she had me tight between her nylon legs. she was moving her legs and i couldn't help it i came in my panties soaking them through and her thighs as well. She scolded me then pushed me off telling me i made a sticky mess and now i was to clean her up. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to my knees between her legs what a beautiful sight to behold. Legs spread nylons leading up to garter straps from what i later found out was a open bottom girdle, and then those silky blue nylon panties. She made me lick up all my *** telling me if i want to dress like a girl she wanted me to be her little ****. Then still by the hair pulling me into her panties telling me how to lick her where to lick. She taught me lots after that day till they moved away. I would do anything for her and usually did.

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Love it, I'm such a **** for women like that !

That sounds just wonderful

enjoy more

I love pantied *****


i wish i could spank that pantied ***

Oh, your story almost made me *** in my pretty black with red flowers panties !<br />
And no-one to spank Me !

What an experience. Wish I could have experienced it with you.

She had the best smelling ***** i ever had she was real classy but loved sex

Did she ever let u touch her *****