So here is my story I started using panties and bras at a really young age like 10 or 12 for the longest time I used my mother panties and stockings I used to go into her room and take them and keep them for a couple of days before they would go missing I would place them back or I would place them in the dirty laundry. For years this happens and no one realized what was going on at one point I would keep the panties and bras for an extended time until the were missing and I just kept them I started to grow my collection and I used to keep it in a blue duffel bag In my closet hidden from anyone. One day after soccer practice my mother went to pick me up and as soon as I got in the car she turned to me and said "do you recognize this" my blue duffel bag filled with the bras and panties that had gone missing. I was busted and there was no getting out of it to make matter worst I was wearing some under my boy clothes, as much as I would like to say that my story ended with her comprehending or taking me shopping like most of the stories I see here it didint. I was punished, sent to the shrink and had a 3 hour talk about I had to stop this behavior or I was going to be sent out to a military academy or worst. I had to stop for about a couple years until I decided I was who I was and still to this day I wear my panties,bras, high heels and everything else I have bought myself all sorts of lingerie and clothing, wigs and makeup. Still I don't go public my parent would not understand so still a closet cross dresser. Sorry for the long story or if it has grammar errors I'm typing it in a phone while working.
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Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

its a nice start, be true to yourself.