First Time As An Adult

My wife took me to the walk in clinic when we lived in Georgia several years ago as I was sick. I was examined fully clothed by the doctor except for lifting up my shirt. I was wearing a pair of satin panties that were light pink in color under my shorts so he did not see them. The doctor said I would receive a shot of antibiotics and I would be on my way. An attractive nurse came in with a needle and I started to roll my sleeve up and she that is not where this shot is being given. I was asked to lower my shorts and underwear a little as this shot goes in near the hip. As I went to pull my shorts down I tried to lower my panties at the same time but as they were tight they didn't lower with my shorts and my shorts slipped out of my fingers and fell to the floor leaving me exposed fully in front of the nurse and my wife. I was quite embarrassed especially when my wife announced that I wear panties quite often. I could feel my little **** stirring but the nurse said she has seen several men in panties and she thought it was ok as she said that it was cute that I was wearing panties.
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May 19, 2012