Secrets Out

my wife has been disappointed in me lately i have not been keeping up with my responseablity she has been punishing me but think i like the punishments too much i dont know well after an *** training followed by a spanking i was told to put on my pink sheer babydoll with matching thong and clean up the house before she returned i did do what i was told but while cleaning the kitchen the back door swings open and in walks my wifes best friend she looks at me and laughs so hard she gets a hold of herself and asked if my wife knew i said yes and begged her not to tell anyone and she told me my wife had told her she had got you in line she made me show her my outfit and noticed my shaved legs she asked if i wore stockings to i stated i had but not often she sat down and said go but them on i didnt know what to do so she wouldnt get mad and tell someone i went upstaires and put on my gater and stockings as i came back downstairs i heard my wifes voice i came back into the kitchen my wife was mad i had not finished cleaning but had time to go get dressed as a **** for her friend she pulled a wooden spoon out of the rack and told me to bend over the table i was beet red embarrased in front of her friend but bent over the table she pulled down my panties and her friend gasp my *** was still red from the earlier spanking my wife does not start to spank me instead shoves the handle of the wooden spoon in my *** and says hold this and goes into the living room to talk with her friend after about 5 minutes she calls me to her i walk with the spoon still in my *** and my panties at my knees her friend starts laughing again when she sees my penis although hard still only 4 inches long and 3/4 thick my wife makes me tell her friend that it was my idea to be domanated and that i liked it then i was told to take the spoon out of my *** pull up my panties and finish my chores and if i cam she would tell her friends husband about me
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

Your wife certainly knows how to treat you, doesn't she?

Well of course you know and your wife knows and now her friend knows, having been there and seeing you for herself ... no doubt it will give the two of them something to talk about and discuss ideas for you! That is what my wife did with me, getting me to dress for the weekend, which I always looked forward to, but not telling me that she had invited 3 of her women friends to come over on Saturday afternoon. Well let's just say it turned into an interesting afternoon ...

I though I did, but maybe I just imagined I did just mentioning those 3 friends. I will have to take a look and if I haven't ... well then when I get a little time I will do a story on it. Thanks for mentioning it.

I'm sure it was humiliating and exciting at the same time to have your panties pulled down in front of your wife's friend.

Exactly ...