Flashing The Cashier !!!!

Today was quite unusual for me. I spend half of my time trying to get caught wearing panties, and today it happened by accident.
I was going to mow the lawn, so I went to a tiny little gas station to get gas, and a snack. I left the house wearing a tee shirt and a pair of old shorts that tie at the top to keep them up.
I went in, said hi to the young lady, and got a coffee and donut, and paid with my credit card. I put the card,and my wallet back in my pocket, and picked up my stuff. Well, the weight of the wallet, my phone, and the pliers in my pockets was too much. My shorts fell to the floor, and my hands were full. It took a minute to put the hot coffee and stuff down, but it seemed like forever. I was standing there in front of a young girl wearing baby green( I call them teal) vanity fair panties. They are silky, and have lace inserts at the bottom. It was so humiliating.
I pulled up my pants and looked at the girl. She was leaning over the counter and smiling at me. I didn't say a thing , but she looked me in the eye and said "very nice". I got my stuff, and walked out, holding on to my shorts. I said thank you mam, And went home.
It could have been worse, the two ladies that held the door for me as I left, could have come in two minutes earlier, and seen everything. Also the girl had her phone in her hand the whole time, and as far as I know, she didn't take any pictures.
As I reflect on the scene now, it is very exciting for me, But at the time, standing in public, wearing silky panties, in front of a young girl, was pretty scary.
Now, the one thing on my mind is, could she tell I have a little dickie?
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Well she probly saw the smoothness in the crotch and thought...poor baby with a teenie weenie weenkie...

I would become an even more frequent shopper since that clerk already knows. She may ask you to show what you are wearing again & you can ask if she wants you to tell her or show her

Gotta love getting caught.

Believe me, I went back a few times. She has moved on. I couldn't do that scene on purpose. There's an older good looking lady there now. I have been planing on a way to have my panties poke out, and then go from there.

Didn't sound like an accident to me; fun story.

******* awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i keep hoping some hottie will see my g-string and say something.

She was young and very cute, which added to the humiliation, and to the excitement.

In this economy I don't treat myself to new panties, lingerie, & women's clothes as I used to. But I always look for the till with the youngest, cutest girl to check out through & hope for comments from her

And another scene I missed