Mom Caught Me In Her Panties

So I was home alone because my mum and her friends went shopping, I ran up stairs and tried my moms clothes on(my mom is really pretty). I got here 5inch heels,tight skirt, 2pairs of thongs a frilly pink One and a silk one, 1 la senza bra and a glittery top. I was walking round the house as a girl then I heard my mum and her friend talking so I rushed up stairs, I couldnt take them off in time my mum got up stairs and saw me. My mom started laughing and said "so your the one who's been in my draws and closet and if you like wearing my clothes so much you can wear them all the time" she went in my room and through all my boxers away and put silk panties,thongs and shapewear. My mom said take off your skirt little missy and put these on it was 3 more thongs I put the skirt back on, she said turn around and then I felt all 5 of the thongs getting pulled my butt was in alot of pain. She called here 2 friend (Amy and christie) they saw me and started laughing (Amy and christie are so fit And hot). My mom said give the girl a wedgie. Amy went first she grabbed my underwears leg holes and pulled them I was off the ground. And Christies turn she lay me on the floor and pulled almost give me an atomic wedgie then they all hung me off a nail in the wall my made drink alot of water so I was weeing in the hanging wedgie my mom said they rip put on some underwear from your draw, witch are all panties and come have some to eat keep my clothes on aswell. After a while they ripped and I put on a pink and blue stretchy g-string and they made me have dinner and go to bed in a shoulder wedgie. Now my mom gives me hard wedgies all the time.
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5 Responses Aug 27, 2012

Your mum is a wonderful woman! My mum would explode if she ever found out I was dressing in panties!
Look after her!


yea great story add me!

Dude nice made up story thats stupid

At least she gives you girls clothes to wear. Wedgies are a small price to pay for being able to wear girls clothes openly.