Sarah’s Let Her Pink Lace Panties Show

Today I chose to wear frilly pink lace panties. I love the feel of lace against my ****. You can see them in “I Am Wearing Women's Panties Now” => “Sarah’s in Pink Today and has Naughty Plans”. I love to flash my panties in public and I’ve just learnt the trick of letting the label show. Normally I try to let an inch of the hem show, the brighter the color and the frillier the better.

Today I went shopping with the objective of letting my panties show. I wore low cut jeans and a short t-shirt. I made sure the tag of my panties was sticking out the back. These panties are perfect high in the back, bright pink and a lacy hem, unmistakably girly. I am selective about who I want to flash. I wondered round the store looking for youngish girls or couples. The fun is making them think they caught me. It would spoil things for me if they thought I was doing it deliberately.

I found one suitable young couple and got ahead of them in the isle. I then found a fascinating box on the bottom shelf I had to study. I watched their feet as they walked towards me. Just as they were behind me I made a show of standing up. I turned and nodded to them. From the slight smile on her face I think they saw my pink hem and white label. It’s hard to keep a straight face sometimes.

Of course I never actually know if I was seen but on average it must happen sometimes.
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I do this too