Mom Thong Wedgie

Im a boy so one day I was out shopping with my mom I walked into British home store and walk to the lingerie section and bought a pair of red thongs I walked out the shop and my mom saw and said "what's In the bag" I said "nothing she grabbed the bag and look in it and she saw the thong I went red and she said "Oh so you like woman's underwear so she dragged me into la senza and bought me 5 pairs of thongs and she went to H&M and bought me 10 bikinis we got home and made me put all of them on so I did and said "you have to wear them for 2 days" I said "ok" and walked to my room when I was half way through the stairs she yelled "them thongs need to be higher" so she ran behind and have me a shoulder wedgie and she said "keep that wedgie" so I was on my laptop with my wedgie witch was now stinging she came in my room locked the door and said "for your final punishment it's hanging wedgie time" she hung me from all my bikinis and thongs after 2 hours they all ripped then sh grabbed a hand full of her bright thongs and panties and put them in my drawer and when we were both alone in the house she made me walk in thongs and bra and give me wedgies.
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please I'm UK too??

This is a good story but not very believable first off because i've never heard a mom that would do that, yet it is seminally possible

Have her come do that to me


I am not a huge fan of receiving wedgies, but the rest of it sounds like she gave you exactly what you wanted.