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Caught Stealing Panties

Dear Helga,

My sister dropped her wild 10 year off for the summer. His hair was past his shoulders, very curly like a girl. He would stand by the stairs looking up the girls dresses. I asked him if he likes looking up at the girl's panties, he said yes. Then I caught him in my girl's panty drawer going in grabbing pantyhose, panties, and their bras. He turned red in the face when I asked what he was doing. He said he looking for his tee shirt and socks. I saw something in his pocket and went over and pulled out a pair of pink panties. Do you like pink things young man?

He did not say anything when I told him I was going to tell his mom. He began to cry saying he would not do it again. I then ordered him to remove all his clothing to see if he was hiding any other girl clothing giving him to the count of 3 to do so.

He said he was not and drove for the floor to hide under the bed. I grabbed his pant leg by the seam and yanked the seam until it began ripping apart all the way to his waist and pulled them off. I dragged him out from the bed where I began ripping his shirt and underwear off until he had nothing on. I then pulled him over my knee and spanked him until he was bright pink. I reached over and grabbed the pink panties and pulled them up his legs.

I told him he must want to be dressed as a girl since you where putting them in your pockets and looking up girl's dresses, so I am going to dress you little girl. I then slipped the white pantyhose up and snap the top of the hose over his panties. I proceeded by slipping on a bra and fasten it in the back. I then turned him to a mirror saying what a cute little girl you are. I went to the next drawer and grabbed a ruffle pink slip and told him to lift his hands up so I could put it on. I pulled him over by the makeup table and began to paint his nails pink and fix his face with some great girl colors. A little work on the hair with a few pink hair clips, slipped a dress on and off we went to see the girls down stairs.

The girls began to laugh and pulled his dress up to see his pretty panties. The girls ordered him to do whatever they wanted and when he refused I came in and pulled him over my knee, lifted his dress and slip up and spanked his panty covered bottom good. I ordered the girls to get all his clothes and put them in the trash can. He is wearing girls clothes for the rest of the summer. I called my sister and told her what I did and was very happy, the girls pick out his clothes every day and we dress him. He later put glue in one of my girl's hair so I had to cut her waist length hair very short. She was crying as I cut away at her thick hair. He thought that was funny until I grabbed him, put him on the chair and grabbed the clippers and turned them on. He tried to run but we all held him and I began to run them up his head until I cut every hair off. All his crying caused his makeup to run. I made him wear a wig for the rest of the summer. He never acted up again for the rest of summer.

Mrs. S.

Thank you for your letter Mrs. S. Seems to be a very well applied treatment for his fascination with panties, I must say well done and I hope this will be a lesson to any bad little boys out there reading this, be careful what you wish for.

sissypanties72 sissypanties72 22-25, M 4 Responses Jun 21, 2013

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That should be what happens to all little boys.

I died laughing when I read this... lol so funny. I like to read Dear Amy, and you are certainly her equal!


Lol nutter