Caught At Work

My boss had to leave early the other day, and as the accounts girl finishes at 3, I had the office to myself.

I was checking my usual stores online to see if the they had any new panties and bras that I might like, and was getting a little hot looking at all the lovely lingerie that I wanted to go and try on at the weekend in the stores.  I ******** off down to my matching bra, panties,  cami and suspender, got my knee high heeled boots out of my bag and carried on with my search.

After a while I got up and started walking around the office in just my lingerie and sexy boots, looking out of the window wondering if anyone would look up and see me.

I was a good 10 metres from all my clothes when I heard a key in the door (I had locked it just in case).  I know it couldn't be the boss as his car wasn't downstairs.  There was no way I could make it back to my clothes, so I ducked around the corner out of sight of the door.

I heard the door open and straight away recognised the voice of the owner of the building, and his female assistant.  They were checking the room as we are moving out soon to our own premises.  I was frozen with fear and exhilaration.

He walked around the corner and just stared at me in shock.  The assistant asked what was the matter, but said it was nothing.  She didn't believe him and came around the corner to see what all the fuss was about.  There I was in my skimpies with a hard on, not able to move.  She smiled at me and then led her boss out of the room.

I went back to my desk and just sat down, trying to process what has just happened.  A minute or two later, the door burst open again.  I was the assistant again, but this time she had two of the girls from her company with her, she had told them what she had seen, and had come to show them.  I was sitting in my chair in the reclined position, still in only my lingerie and boots.  They came over to me and stood right next to me, pointing at all the different bits of female underwear, and discussing it between them, and the fact that I still had a huge hard on.

One of them, the one who is always bossy, took me by the hand and helped me out of the chair.  She then sat on my chair, pulled me towards her and told me I was very naughty.  She pulled me over her knee and started to spank me, it was humiliating, but I was really enjoying it at the same time.  She spanked me again and again, and I couldn't help grinding my hard on against her lap.  She stood me up and noticed a very small damp patch on the front of my panties.  She pulled my hard on out of my panties which turned out to be a mistake as the minute she touched my **** I just exploded covering her face, hair and shirt with a huge load.  She was not impressed, she spanked me some more, harder this time, then told me to lick my load off her face, which she then sucked out of my mouth.

The other 2 girls then took it in turns to do the same to me.

Now I can barely look them in the face as they know my secret, but also because when I do, I get an immediate hard on all over again.

pantylover5099 pantylover5099 36-40, M 8 Responses Mar 3, 2010

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Fantastic story, wishing I was there to help!

I like ur storie its so hot

Any vacancies going where you work ??

I wish someone would catch me and spank me :-)

what a day at the office! I would like to find some females to share my naughtiness with and swap lingerie and panties after they have been worn all day!

Cool, makes for a nice fantasy you've given many strokin material

All in all you did good

If your going to get caught, love it to be like this!!