Accidental Quicksand

I'd been exploring and looking for mud and quicksand for a long time. I've known since I was a kid that I enjoyed sinking in the stuff. Well, one day I got off the trail I usually hiked on and found myself in a quarry. I explored the area, not knowing what I was about to find. It was a large pond filled with mud, clay actually. I looked for the source of this huge cache of clay. I walked out on a sandy 'river' cut through the dirt. As I approached water the sand began to act like a waterbed. I let myself sink at one point, realizing I had no choice. I was quickly up to my waist & then up to my chest and I was stuck. It held me like concrete. It took about an hour to get out, and I was a bit scared. I then went over to the huge pond of soft clean clay, removed my clothes, and jumped in. I could swim about, and walk around in this mud no problem - because I was naked, no boots or clothes. I've enjoyed this mud pit for many years at this point, but it looks like it might be drying up finally, the quarry is out of business. Oh well, I'll find more quicksand and clay...
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4 Responses May 4, 2011

Dude, that mud could have eaten you up! What type of clothes did you have on? Did they make you sink faster? Glad your out and ok.

That sounds very scarey. Glad you did not perish in the mud. I would love to find a place to slip into the mud, and I am going do do that this very summer somehow. Nothing feels bedtter that sinking into thick slimey mud...

Sounds very scary. Thank goodness nothing terrible happen. The clay sounds much safer.

Clay feels so good and smooth. I am jealous :/