I Was Forced To Wear My Sister Clothes Part 2

So like I said in the last story she was going to come back tomm. So she brought over 2 of her friends and they came with 3 bags filled of girl clothes. So they said the first one had bras, panties, and bikinis. Ten the second one has short shorts, yoga pants, skirts, and dresses. And the last one had shirts and makeup and wigs. I begged them no but they said they will show all of the pictures they took yesterday so I said fine. So they dressed me put make up on and wig. Then they gave me girly flip flops. They said to the mall we went then we went in victoria secret tried on tons of girl clothes. Then hollister tryed on every thing they had like. Short Shorts, Bikinis, yoga pants, shorts, shoes, then they gave me perfume. We left they brought the 3 bags to the car. So then they said lets go swimming. I changed into my bikini that said love pink on the butt. We went swimming and this guy name Mark tries to flirt with me i act like I like him. So i ask him if he wanted to go to a movie he said ya. So i was walking to the locker rooms to change and I was about to walk to the boys looker room then i remembered I am a girl, So i went in the girl locker room and right when I walked in it was heaven. I am a boy in a girl locker room and there were like 5 girls with just panties and bras then I left. I never went to the movies with Mark tho So Ami her friends and megan and I left.
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10 Responses Feb 5, 2012

Damn you are so lucky dude

What did you do when they said we are going to the mall

I wish I was you

Going to the mall is great. I get to hang out with women all day long, trying on dresses in the same rooms, they get to see how feminine I can be in my outfits. It's just a lovely time.

My sister and her girlfriends caught me in their clothes and ever since made me dress as a girl. They threw all my boy clothes away. So now I wear panties, nylons and petty-slips under dresses at home and under Capri's when I'm out. everyone round my neighborhood knows I'm a sissy boy. Some girls that live close by come over just to laugh and giggle at me cleaning my house.

oh hey tell megan to read this " you should go out on a double date , megan and a guy , and nick and a guy" but nick would be dressed as a girl. make sure he has to kiss the boy

ok i relised u went to the mall dressed as a gil

wait did you go to the mall dressed up as a girl if so they are just being cruel

that sounds awesome

Omg omg lucky that sounds great what all outfits did you wear and try on