My Crazy Sister Part 1

I should explan my situation b4 I begin. When I was 8 my mom and dad divorced and 2 years later my dad died in a train that got derailed. My mom found out she had brain cancer and died a few months later, so my sister got custody of me when I was 12. So fastforword a few years when I got home from high school ( 10th grade ) my sister told me to go up to her room with her. At the time I had never tried on any girls clothes or underwear or anything. When we got up to the room she had bags of girls clothes and her girlfriend Kelly ( my sister is a lesbian ) and my girlfriend Sammy, siting in her room. I asked why I was in her room and why Sammy and Kelly where here and my sister ( becca ) said that they were makin me a girl for summer break ( that day was the last day of the school year) I tried to fight them saying no that I was a guy nd wasn't gonna become a girl. Well needless to say I lost that battle and My sister said that we were going to Sammy's house in the woods that there family sometimes use but hadn't because of the girl next girl who liked to walk outside naked... Not to bad for sammys brother but for everyone else it was bad. So we went to the house and we met a lot of my sisters lesbian friend who had brought clothes for me at my sisters request. When my sister brought me up to her room she pulled out a riding crop and told me to ***** or she would whip me, so I striped and she brought me to the bathroom she had to her self and ran a bath for me and when it was done she told me to get in and she would b right back. She came back with 2 of her straight friends who were in lingerie and sh left and locked the door I noticed 1 of the girls was holding a bag full of clothes for me and I asked why they were here I they said it was a special gift for me and they started striping for me and one put on a ***** and got under me and one got of top of me and started ******* me dry. Trust me if if 2 DDD 48 girls ask to **** u say yes because it is awesome when we got out of the tub they started to dress me. They tied me down to the toilet while they shaved my legs, armpits and goin area and taped my **** back between my legs they untied me and gave me small pink pantys to wear a tight black lace VS bra that they filled with DDD 52 silicone pads and put me in a tee shirt that went to my stomach and really tight short shorts that were 4 sizes to small for me so they felt kinda good. They also gave me extensions for my already long hair so I was blond with long hair. They gave we a sweet shirt that said free hugs on the back. They texted my sister and she unlocked the door and said " who is this ? " and they answers " this is elly our neibor " and my sluty sister said that her friends should go downstairs and she would take care of things. By take care of things she ment she was gona **** me, which is Wat she did. She pulled down her shorts and told me to suck her **** while she oiled up her boobs which were pretty big. She used a special type of oil that made them smell like chocolate and taste like it too. When she was done oiling she told me to ***** and she would take a look at me. She untapped my **** and put it straight up her *** so fast I almost cumed. After a while she stopped me and said that I have 2 problems. My goin and my chest. She ALso said that she had a friend that could fix those problems. Look at for my crazy sister part 2
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where is part 2

Where/ how to find part 2?