Caught In The Act

I was in my office after five one day feeling a little horny. I knew most everyone was gone. My door was shut but unlocked and I assumed I was safe. I was enjoying a little **** and facebook pictures. Ladies if you didnt know those sexy pictures in bikinis and outfits you post guys ******* to them. Anyway Im stroking away when my door opens and in walks Amanda our receptionist with my mail. I tried poorly to cover up with my shirt quickly but it wasnt so good. Im an ok looking guy whos more charming and funny than handsome but i have a 9" **** and shaved smoothe. She smiled and sat on the edge of my desk and said keep going. I did and she held out a tissue in her had when i blew my load in to it. It was crazy.
ray1972 ray1972
36-40, M
Dec 12, 2012