Boy Next Door Caught Me Using A Rabbit

--- By Becky Romero ---

As embarrassments go, it certainly wasn't the end of the world. I had - and would have - worse moments.

Living under the same roof with my mom, two brothers and stepdad while growing up made me careful at home, door closed or not (especially since brothers have a habit of not respecting a closed door anyway).

But when I was alone, that was a different story. As a teenager, I'd lay on my bed in my second story room with my a certain battery-powered device, never thinking that the little 12-year old brat next door, Herbie Vogel, could see me from the tree he must have climbed in his parents backyard whose branches stretched up next to my bedroom window.

I only found out he did so after he bragged about it to some of his friends at school. He was a couple grades below me and I was graduating 8th grade in about a month, so the teasing wasn't too awful - more of a whispering sort of thing that I, of course, denied but everyone knew the brat was probably telling the truth.

But it sucked later when I found out he had spied on me more than once, including with a friend of his. Thankfully the little pervert-in-training moved away in about a year.
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dont feel bad my sister caught me many times. she even made me let her watch

Would you still be embarrassed if he spied you ************ today?

what sort of talk at school did that start ? when he told your seceret ?

Happened to me too. House had winding steps shielded by a big wall. I sometimes found privacy there when I was 16, to explore what I had below. Until I realized that my brother and his friends could see me from their tree house opposite our house. I was totally embarased.

awe poor kid was just trying to learn a bit about the birds and the bees.

Hey Im new here so just reading your story. I had a similar thing happen to me. When I was 16 used to play in my room with the shades up because I too thought I was safe. My room was on the 2nd floor. One day it was a summer night my girlfriend just and I were making out getting me all horny but we never got a chance to go any further because her mom came to get her.She left and I was horny so I got naked in my bed the lights were on so I could look at a Penthouse Magizine while I stroked. I was so into what I was doing that I did not realize that 2 13yo girls my neighbors were sitting on top of a garage watching me jerk off. Well the next day I was mowing the lawn and they came by and ask me when the next show was. I asked what show and said You making yout **** shoot all over. I was so embarassed because I was afraid they would say something to my friends. But they kept it to themselves. I guess they liked to watch.

Well, the title drew me here... I wanted to find out how one uses a rabbit. After reading, I realised you were speaking on one of the type the geek girls show on the late night erotic toys shopping channel shows. But what really got me was the lovely back n forth with you and dear vwbus. I'd give him at least a smile for trying so very hard to win you over, dear Becky:) Nice story, btw. As an exhibitionist, and a slave, part of being uses effectively involves eventually finding myself watched. It's not an attention ***** sort of thing, just rather something necessary in order to know I'm pleasing others... like you apparently did for herbie and apparently more than once;)

lol about herbert

lol. Uh, not quite. Herbie's parents were divorced and he was raised by his mom. Plus, his dad had a different first name anyway.

Aren't you a little old to be Herbie? Your profile says you're 51-55.