Massage Parlor

Last week I was getting a massage in a massage parlor (not that kind ya perv) it was a normal spa; they did hair, nails and everything. During my massage I was lying on my stomach and the hot European massage girl accidently touched my penis when she was rubbing my leg and the side of my hip. I had it kind of pointed to the right, under my hip and I guess she didn’t know it; I got hard as a rock instantly. As my penis stuck out the side of my hip, and she had the sheet bunched up my side so she could rub my entire leg and my butt. I thought maybe she could see it growing but I guess not. She came real close to touching it a couple of more times, until she accidently stabbed it right in the pee hole with her long fingernail while rubbing up the side of my leg. I said ouch (because it really did hurt) and kind of jumped. She bent down to look at what she did. She said OMG did I stab your, um, your, um thing. As she said that I tuned slightly on my side to look too. I kind of exposed almost the entire hard-on. She got all red faced and pulled the sheet down to cover my side and the offending erection. She asked me if I was alright. I said I guess (trying to get some sympathy) and I reached my hand under the sheet to feel for myself. I felt something moist on the tip, I wondered if I was bleeding. I said am I bleeding? I was turned slightly to my side and she lifted the sheet and looked right at my **** again and said I don’t see anything. I looked at my finger and realized it was precum. She said what’s wrong? This time I got embarrassed and said it’s um, oh never mind, I’m ok and I laid back down on my stomach.

Suddenly she lifted the sheet off me and I was completely naked. I thought to myself, is something going to happen? Well, I didn’t know what to think. Then she told me to turn over while she held the sheet over her face so she couldn’t see anything. I didn’t know if I was relieved or disappointed. I turned over and she laid the sheet down over me. I was so hard it looked like a pup tent with a little wet spot on the top. Now I was more embarrassed but I just laid there while she was rubbing my shoulders and neck. As she was rubbing my arms and hands it started throbbing and bouncing under the sheet. She kept glancing at and quickly looked away. At one point she was looking behind herself while rubbing my lower leg so she wouldn’t get caught looking at it. I closed my eyes for a while so she wouldn’t get self conscious. But I could feel it bouncing and rubbing on the sheet with my heart beat. I thought maybe I would *** just from that. Suddenly she said ok I’m done.

She asked me if I wanted to take a shower, I said of course (I needed some alone time bad). She said wait here I will get you a robe. When she left I got up to check my cell phone (I heard it vibe a couple of times). I am standing there naked with my cell phone in my hand and a hard-on that wouldn’t quit, when she just opened the door without knocking. She handed me the robe without looking in my eyes if you know what I mean. She said I’m sorry I should have knocked. I put on the robe on, the belt was separate and not in the belt loops. So I just wrapped the belt around myself and put my clothes in the basket she gave me. I followed her down to the end of the hall and into the bathroom.

As I walked into the bathroom the belt came untied and fell off. I was still holding the basket against my body, and it was holding my robe closed. I didn’t know what to do, I knew if I put the basket down to get the belt my robe would open and I was trying not to look like I wanted to flash her (we all know the truth is a little different). So, I kind of stood there not knowing what to do (with my hard-on pushing into the side of the basket). She said don’t worry I’ll get the door. She pulled the door closed and left the bathroom. I assumed she locked it, I didn’t check.

The bathroom was kind of L shaped when you walk in if you go straight about 2 steps and you will be in the shower, if you turn left you will be facing the toilet and the sink that is right next to the shower. The shower had a glass door that opened out into the room, behind the bathroom door and it was wide open.

I need some relief and needed it fast so I quickly put the basket down on the toilet and shrugged off the robe. I turned around and stepped into the shower, not bothering to turn it on and squirted some shampoo into my hand from the wall dispenser. I started to stroke myself while turning around to close the shower door. I quickly saw that I couldn’t reach the door without getting out of the shower so decided to finish the task at hand. I had my eyes closed tight and was just about to *** when suddenly the door burst open.

I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful older woman standing in the bathroom about 1 to 2 feet away from me holding the door wide open. I froze standing there holding my throbbing purple ****. She froze looking at it. From behind her I could see her masseuse and my masseuse running down the hall towards the bathroom saying something in their broken English about her going in the wrong room. She was just staring at my ****. So I finished stroking for all I was worth. She opened her robe and showed me her ****. This caused me to loose it and *** all over the place. The first rope of *** hit her right in the nipple.

By this time the two masseuses were in the doorway looking over her shoulders at me *******. The second rope hit her foot and the rest went onto the shower floor. She stuck her finger onto her nipple and then into her mouth, smiled and said mmmmm. The masseuses were trying to pull her out while she was closing her robe. By the time they cleared the door a few more people got there and were looking in while passing by. I had to step out of the shower so I could close the bathroom door, people still passing by and looking.

I turned on the shower and noticed that I was still hard, very hard. So with all these images in my head; the fact that 3 women saw me ************ and at least a half dozen more saw me naked and still hard. I had to rub another one out while showering. Two in a row now that’s something I haven’t done in about decade.
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WOW you are so lucky....

No, but I did look for her after I got dressed. I hung around as long I could but I was getting looks from people some of which I thought were “hallway people”, so I left. To tell you the truth I probably wouldn’t have recognized her face, and everyone in the lobby was dressed. She did have some fine looking silver dollar sized areolas, however!

very nice was the older lady still around and have you gone back?