My Hot Aunt

I wrote this story before here on EP, but since lost that account figured I would share it again and with newer members....
I was in the military and coming home on leave for a few weeks before being deployed again. My mom had a new live-in b/f, so I asked my uncle if it would be ok to stay with him while home. He and my aunt Stacy were thrilled to have me. My aunt n unclel have a great big house with all the stuff a young guy would love, pool, BBQ, big screen TV, pool table and they are really cool people, especially my aunt!! Growing up my uncle married her young, so she is only 10 years older than me, and gorgeous!
She is about 5'8, long blonde hair, slender, long legs, tan body, full lips, dresses like a hot teenager, and great figure! She has given me more than 1 chunky at pool parties and family functions. Well I hadn't seen my aunt n uncle in over ayear while deployed, so they had a new baby and i kind forgot how hot my aunt really was- -until she opened the door when I arrived!
Same long blonde hair, dressed cute even when in sweats, but her boobs had grown since the baby...and wow they wee big. I immediately got the hugs n kisses from them and shown around.
My uncle took few days off work to hang out wiht me and do whatever I wanted to while home. While out to dinner the 2nd night my aunt suggested having family and freinds over for a BBQ since I havnt seen anyone in a long time and that way I wouldn't have to go drive around or hunt people down. Was great and really nice of them to do.
So the following weekend my aunt set it up and got the word out. It was fun.. friends and family all came to hang out and wasa great day to have around the pool. The big suprise was when my aunt walked out in her bikini!! omg she was stunning...wearing a skirt thing around her waiste and her bikini top....i just couldt take my eyes off her when she worked her way around talking to people...undid her skirt...and jumped into the pool. I was secretly hoping her top would come undone so I could tell if her bobs were just big from having baby, full o fmilk or she had boob job. She caught me looking at her several times and would turn away, adjust her top and then she gave me a wink and smile. Her bikini was shimmery red, tied behind her neck, plunged deep in center to seperate and contain each big breast, and the bottoms covered her *** nicely, with strings on the sides.
As everyone was leaving that evening and saying goodbyes I notice my aunt say her goodbyes and leave the party into the house, which I presummed was to put the baby to bed. My uncle had a few beers all day so he was spent and told him I would clean up the BBQ so he could go to bed if he wanted. I was cleaning up and my aunt came out just wearing a sundress that fit her perfectly, and i could tell she was braless the way her boobs swayed when she walked and how her nipples got stiff in the cool night air. I Thanked her for such a great day and letting me stay with them, she gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and said it was thier pleasure and how much they enoyed doing it for me.
By now I was soo horny, trying to hide the twinge I got in my **** as she would smile or brush against me. She said goodnite and would see me in the morning. I wored my way to my room on the other side of the house and since I went to take a shower. I prety much had my own bathroom, even tho it was in center of house. As I was undressing i noticed my aunts bikini hanging up on the shower door glass. I coudlnt resist and had to hold it, take a look how big the cups were and her bikini bottoms wondering if she was completly shaved smooth... i stroked my now rock hard **** with it a few times before completing my shower. But i had to finish what I started. I put her bikini in my towel and went to my bedroom where I sat on a chair at the desk and used her bikini to pump my **** some more. As i was about to blow a much needed load my aunt knocked softly, opened up the door and asked if I had seen her bikini in the bathroom just as I was exploding a huge load into one of the cups of her bikini.
Now I consider myself fairly endowed, not huge, but a good 8" and very thick 5.5" around....squeezing my ****, not knowing what to do other than just blush, cover myself with her *** filled bikini top...she just stood there staring,,, said "omg I am soo sorry Ricky. umm just put it in th ebathroom when your done" and walked out.

That wasn't the last experince with my aunt that summer...i might wrote more later
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please write more, that was amazing, :}