Caught Jacking Off In The Park

I can't remember how old I was when this happened but I had to be about 14 or 15. Ever since I started ************ one of my favorite things to do was to get naked outdoors at night time and find different places to jack off. When ever I'd be walking around at night on my way home from somewhere and I passed a park or a school I'd have to stop and jack off. I didn't just pull my pants down and **********. I like getting completely naked and walking around until I found a nice place I could get comfortable and than stroke my ****. Sometimes I'd be so horny from being naked outdoors in public I'd *** 2 or 3 times before continuing on my way home.

Well one time while jacking off in a park completely naked an old man walking his dog caught me.

I remember it was a nice spring night and I was walking home from a friends house at around 1 in the morning. Since we were just getting in to the nice weather of spring it had been a while since I had been able to jack off in a park since it is too cold in the winter time. So as soon as I set out on my walk home the thought of finding a park to get naked in crossed my mind. I had been walking about 20 minutes and it was all I was thinking about now and I was getting really horny. I finally made it to the park near my house and found the swing set and play area. I started pulling off my clothes immediately. I placed my clothes on a swing and than since it was such a nice night, i decided to walk around a bit and enjoy being naked outdoors. The thrill of being naked outside and the possiblity that anyone could see me really turned me on my **** was sticking straight out in front of me as I walked around. I walked around for about 15 minutes than decided I needed to get myself off and head home. I walked back to the swingset and was going to sit on a swing while I jacked off but I saw a slide nearby so I decided to lay down on that.

The steel slide was nice and cool against my naked body as I layed down on it, giving me an added thrill through my body. The slide was in full view of the road so the thought of anyone driving by and seeing me was an added thrill as well. I was really getting into strroking my **** now and was moaning out loud when I got a little surprise. A little dog came walking up and started sniffing at my feet and legs. It wasn't on a leash or anything so I tried to brush him aside to send it on it's way but it stayed close by as I went back to jacking off. That's when I got the bigger surprise. At first I heard a man's voice call from what seemed very close behind me and than before I really had time to react an old man about 55 years old came walking up right beside me to get his dog. I don't think he noticed me at first but when he finally looked over he saw me completely naked laying on the slide with my hard **** in my hand. The look on his face told me he was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. He sort of made small talk that wasn't embarrasing for both of us as he put the leash on his dog but he wasn't in much of a hurry to leave me alone to my jacking off. After the initial shock i got it through my mind that there wasn't much I could do to cover up or hide the fact that I was playing with my **** since my clothes were about 30 feet away from me on the swing so I just gave my **** little strokes as we talked. And having him seeing me naked like this was actually really turning me on.I even took my hand away from my **** for a couple seconds to give him a full view of my nakedness.

The old man got the leash on his dog but still stood beside me and chatted, but now his questions turned a little more sexual. He started asking if I did this often and how long I had been jacking off in the park. I found it a thrill to anwer him honestly. He than asked if I jacked off with any of my friends or did other things with my friends. Again I answered honestly and told him I had a friend I fooled around with all the time. He than asked it my friend was a boy or girl and when I said it was a boy his eyes lit up a little bit and his questions got even more sexual.

The started asking me what me and my friend do together and I told him that I usually sucked my friends **** and sometimes he ****** me. Than the guy confessed to me that he had never been with a guy but was always curious about it. He than asked if he could touch my ****. I pulled my hand away and gave him full access to my body. He came over real close and started rubbing his hand all over my naked body and finally found my young hard ****. As soon as he had his hand wrapped around it he told me how nice it was and felt. I than asked if I could see his ****. He didn't answer me, instead he just sort of nodded his his head a little bit. He seemed fixated on my ****. I reached up and rubbed his **** through his pants and it was already hard. I rubbed it for a little bit and than went for zipper and pulled it down. I worked my hand inside the zipper and than pulled down his underwear until I finaly got my hand wrapped around his bare ****. It felt so smooth and soft in my hand. I had to suck him off. I looked up at him and he was staring at my **** and I asked "Can I suck your ****?" He was really surprised by this question and bumbled with his words. "Ah sure. But you dont' have to if you don't want to. I've never done anything with a guy before." I undid the button on his pants and started to pull them down. He told me to wait a minute and than walked away. He walked behind the slide and tied up his dog to the ladder of the slide and than came back over beside me. I sat up at the bottom of the slide and the guy stepped in font of me. I pulled his pants down, exposing this old mans **** to me for the first time. I looked at it and admired it as I took it in my hands and played for it a little bit. The guy placed his hands on my head and played with my hair as I played with his ****. Than I just leaned forward and took his **** into my mouth. The guy let out a load moan. I moaned as well to show him that I was enjoying having his **** in my mouth. He kept telling me how good it felt as I sucked him off. I was really loving having his **** sliding in and out of my mouth but he stopped me about 10 minutes later and took a step back. "I want to try sucking you off" I said. I just told him OK and than layed back in the slide. The guy got down on his knees in the sand between my legs and took hold of my ****. At fist he started licking it all over and even licked my balls than finally took my **** in his mouth and started sucking me off. He pretty much just took my entire **** in his mouth and held it there while he played with it with his tongue but I enjoyed it all the same. I had been jacking off for a while so I didn't last long once he got his mouth on my ****. I knew he probably wouldnt want me to *** in his mouth if this was really his first time with another guy so I warned him that I was close to *******. As I expected he pulled right off of my **** and than jacked me off until I shot *** all over my chest and his hand. Once I stoped ******* I sat up and he stood in front of me once again and took his **** in my mouth to finish the *******. I reached around behind him and pulled his deep into my mouth with every thrust. He kept telling me how good it felt and that he was going to *** soon. He kept warning me he was getting close to ******* but I just kept sucking. I wanted to give this guy the best ******* that I could. When he was about to *** he tried to pull out of my mouth but I pulled him into me further with my hands. *** started pumping out of his **** and there was alot of it. Too much to swallow. I swallowed the first couple spurts but there was too much and it dribbled out the sides of my mouth, down my chin and onto my ****. He still tried to pull his **** out of my mouth but I kept sucking. Finally he just relaxed and just let me suck the rest of the *** out of him. Once he had gone soft I slide my mouth off of his **** and he thanked me as he pulled up his pants. I think he was feeling guilty now cause he didn't say much more but sort of just did up his pants and untied his dog. He told me that was great and that he enjoyed it and than he said Goodnight to me and was gone. The whole scene had kept my **** rock hard so I laid back and gave myself and nother jack off with the guys *** all over my ****.
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That's ******* awsome!!

Lovely. I've ******** off to just my black satin boxers and jacked off outside. I'm a closet gay boy. Its a major turn on sucking and wanking in just ur undies knowing someone could catch you red handed.

Damn I wish I had been in that old mans place lol... I'd love to come across some hot 14/15 year old boy jacking off in public at night and then we suck eachother off xD


This was an awesone story, im jacking off right now !!