I Was Caught ************ By My 14 Year Old Daughter. Not What I Wanted To Happen. Do You Think That Was A Bad Thing. Has Anybody Else Been Caught By Their Young Daughter.

I have always enjoyed watching *****'s and ************. I get all the **** available on PPV TV. I usually go to bed long after everyone else in the house. Since my wife quit wanting to have sex with me about 5 years ago I have had to ********** to get my sexual relief. I still ********** daily and now have found several hot young women that enjoy having sex with me as often as possible. One night about 2 AM I was watching a ***** in the easy chair ************ until I came . I did not know my daughter had woke up and saw me. I now enjoy ************ watching the free web-cam girl,and often after reading some hot story on EP or looking at the sexxxy pictures. 
         A few days later she told my wife she saw me and that she had seen me ************ several times in the past over the years. I was really embarrassed and didn't't know what to say or do. My wife was concerned that it might have caused her to have some major concerns about my daughter's mental state. My wife and I used to watch ****** together and had we great sex at the time. I have never talked to my girl about this and don't know if I ever should or what to say.
      My wife said she thought it was natural and normal for men to practice this type of sexual gratification. I'm pretty sure my daughter masturbates on a regular basis with a big powerful electric massager What do you all think? Should I ever discuss this with her or just let it go. My wife won't have sex with me but she keeps her vibrator on her side of the bed. ************ is a good healthy way to enjoy your sexual health to the fullest while keeping it all working and learning more and more about what feels good when we stimulate our sex organs. But I was embarrassed and felt sad she had seen me that way. My wife only asked that I practice a Little more discretion when ************. But the TV is in the main living room and I like to ******** while watching others having sex. Especially women ************ with and without toys. But I was definitely caught by the last person in the world that I would have want to see me.
      I do now try to be more careful when and where I do it. I now fell the need and urge to ********** more frequently for health reasons to keep it all working and I have been learning how to make my ******* stronger with more control and multiple ******* by ************ and practicing different exercises to *** stronger, longer with more control. I love mutual ************ My lovers say i have incredible multiple super ******* that hey have never seen. I just wish my Daughter didn't't learn about male ************ the way she did. Do you think it may have affected in a bad way, good way, or not at all. Has anybody else had this happen and what did you. Or how did it affect you child parent relation ship.  I wish we could all be more open and free about sex in our homes and families.I don't mean ****** but talking and sharing our thoughts. Sex is and has been something most parents don't talk about except preventing un-wanted pregnancy and STD's's.
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It would be best to talk to her about it.

my sister caught me doing it when i was watching **** on my laptop and i thought wth i'll teach her and i just kept on doing it.she just stood and watched me come and wipe myself off.neither of us said a word.she went to bed and i kept watching ****,it's happened a few times since-i must admit i get extra horny knowing a girl is watching me do it even if it is my young sis.we've never said a word about it and i;ve wandered into her room hoping to find her with her fingers between her legs but without success-yet.she's 12 by the way

Uhhh..... That's kindof creepy. Have you caught her?

guys, don't be embarrassed!!! ************ is natural. Children need to see it as something normal not something wrong to cover!!

it happens a lot....i mean we are just if we see it...we just want to know what you all are doing....i mean...its not different from you boys and wanting to look at girls....its interesting to us...

I think it is time for a nice long talk with your daughter. My daughter caught me when she was 13 and we had a long talk about it. She has caught me several times since and understands that it is normal for a man to do

I'm sorry that happened to you. I can only imagine the embarrassment. I would also think you're feeling worse and worrying more about this than your daughter is. She's 14, and like it or not, has probably already learned/been told a bit about sex and ************. Pleasuring yourself is normal and healthy. I would definitely be more careful, but I also wouldn't stress about it causing any permanent damage to your daughter. :)

talk to her explain about what you where doing and that its ok and natural to do.and you say wify dosnt give out but has a vibrator.pinch the ******* batterys then you will get some [ dork ]

My daughter walked into my bedroom while I was ************ when she was about 12, and I had to explain what I was doing, why, and why she needed to respect my privacy by knocking on my door and wait until I tell her it's OK to enter before barging in. She took it well and has respected my privacy ever since. When the kids were young, I didn't like to lock my doors in case I took a nap and something happened where my kids needed to wake me up. In your case, I'd drop it except for one thing. If you want to continue to ********** in areas she might enter, you need to set up some sort of signal (like the old tie on the doorknob trick) so that your daughter knows you are enjoying "private time." The fact that she's seen you several times but only now mentioned it to your wife seems a bit odd. Do you know if she just "saw" you or was she "watching" you? Plus there's the issue of her seeing the ***** movie you were watching. It seems your wife handled it well, and I doubt your daughter has suffered any ill effects from what she saw. If you want to discuss your need for privacy in such matters with your daughter, you and your wife should do it together. Yeah, it's kind of difficult having your child catch you ************, but at least it was in a family atmosphere where the incident could be turned into a positive learning experience for her.

She has seen you repeatedly over a period of time. It would be wrong if you don't talk with her about it and tell her ************ is not only allright, but is healthy for both males and females. You should even discuss you and your wife not having intercourse, but that you both find satisfaction with self pleasuring and offer to let your daughter watch you openly and invite her to be open with her own self pleasuring. B ringing it out in the open with be healthier for the household.

I do not think that there has been any bad effect with your daughter. You did not indicate that your wife felt that there was cause for concern for your daughter. She had seen you several times before and not you or your wife noticed anything wrong. It is wonderful that your daughter spoke to your wife. She knows that she can come to someone with some things she had questions of. I would offer your daughter the opportunity to ask any questions of you, if she feels comfortable enough. These moments happen from time to time and most of the time there is no problem. <br />
<br />
When it happened here, as soon as I was able, I had a talk with my daughter. She learned to knock first befoe opening a door. Outside of being rude by not knocking, there was no problem. She was not traumatized by seeing me. She really did not have any questions. She had seen it before from a boy. <br />
<br />
I told her to never be afraid to come to me or her mother with any concern she might have. We can discuss anything without her worrying about being judged. She is a teenager and will get into things due to curiosity or just being young. Just let her know that you are always there for her.