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Caught ************ In Step Mother's Panties

I'll never forget the embarrasment I felt that night I was caught ************ in my step mother's white satin panties, nor the fantastic experiences that followed, but if dad ever knew, I'm sure it would destroy him. I was 18 years old and just graduated high school and that summer, my dad and step mom and me were driving to Florida for vacation. We left Tennessee early and made it to GA before having to stop for the night and checked into a hotel. Since I was wearing shorts, I decided to head to the pool for a swim while dad and Lisa settled in, figuring that they'd enjoy time alone.
When I returned to the room I decided to take a shower, but didn't see my suitcase anywhere, so asked dad "can I have the car keys.. I need to get my clothes". Dad shook his head and told me "son, you must have forgot your suitcase". I couldn't believe I forgot it... "are you sure dad?... I don't have any clothes except what I have on.. what am I gonna do?" Dad smiled and said don't worry, we'll pick up a few things in the morning." I nodded "ok".. "but I'm soaken wet.. what am I gonna sleep in until my underwear and shorts are dry?" I said.
Dad looked at Lisa, then back at me.. "I don't know son.. you're gonna have to deal with it" he said. I knew there was no way I could wear anything of dads since I was only a skinny teenage boy and dad was almost 300lbs and nearly 6 foot 6.. his clothes would fall right off me... I looked down at the floor, shook my head and said "I'm going outside to drip dry" then headed for the door.
Outside on the porch I decided to have a smoke and didn't hear Lisa come up behind me "honey, these will fit you.. you can wear these for the night and I'll hang your clothes up to dry. They should be dry by morning, alright" she said as she handed me a pair of white satin panties and a pair of gray cotton sweat pants. I looked at the panties as I took them from her, then at her face, but before I could get a word out to say something she smiled and said "don't worry.. nobody's gonna know.. it's just underwear". I smiled and said "thank you"
After I finished my smoke, I headed in and took a shower, and then slipped on the silky soft white satin panties.. as I pulled them up over my ****, the silky smooth sensation of the satin gliding softly against my skin turned me on and caused me to get an erection, which was now rigid and hard beneath the smooth silky panties that were snug against my ****. "****.. now what am I gonna do" I thought. since dad and Lisa were in the other room, there was just no way I could rub one out, and then my lucky break came... "Steve.. we're going downstairs to get some food"... "YES" I thought excitedly before responding, "OK".
After I heard the door shut, I come out of the bathroom and lay on the bed, still wearing my step mother's soft smooth satin panties, and immediately began rubbing my throbbing stiff *****.. I continued working my **** up and down inside the panties and just as I started *******, the door opened unexpectedly and there stood Lisa with a look of shock on her face as I made my final stroke and spurt a load into her panties that I was wearing... I hurriedly slid the covers over me, but it was too late.. she saw everything, including me *********** a wet sticky mess all over the inside of her panties.. "I can't believe you Steve....I mean.. really.. in my underwear"... "what do you have to say for your self" she said angrily as she gave me that look of hers she has when she's pissed off.
I looked down and away from her... "I'm sorry" I said. Lisa walked over to the bed and sat down next to me, and then she whipped the covers off me as she said "let me see how wet you got them.. you can't wear these now" and then she saw how much *** I left inside her underwear.. "Jesus Steve!.. I know all boys like to **********, but why would you use my underwear.... take them off and go clean up" she said.
I felt really awkward with her seeing me like this and waited to see if she was gonna leave or give me any privacy, but she just sat there staring at me and then said "Well? Take them off". I looked her in the eye, then began to slide the covers back over me so I could slip out of the panties... "No Steve.. you're gonna get the covers all sticky and wet.. just give them to me before the ***** dries, will ya". I looked at her again and muttered "Bu bu but...." before she said "Aw, c'mon Steve.. I'm a ******* nurse for Christ's sake... just give me the ******* underwear and go clean up before your father comes in".. I slid out of the sticky *** soaked panties and handed them to her. "Go clean up and get dressed.. your father is expecting us downstairs for dinner" she said, and then she reached down into her bag and pulled out a pair of pink satin panties, throwing them at me as she laughed and said "all I have left is pink".
I quickly rinsed off in the shower, but when I come out I realized that I left the sweat pants in the other room. All I had were Lisa's pink satin panties and there was no towels since I already used them and they too were in the other room where Lisa was waiting. I was planning on just putting on the sweat pants without my step mother's panties, but with no towels or clothes, I had no choice.. and just as I slipped one leg into the panties, Lisa opened the door.... "Jesus Christ!" I cried out... "Don't you ******* knock!" I stammered as I quickly slipped into the panties, and then it happend... my **** become erect again from the sensation of the tight silky smooth satin snug against the skin of my *****.
Lisa looked down at my swollen erection, then into my eyes with a smile... "Steve... you can't go to dinner with an erection.." she said as she reached down and gripped my swollen hard **** giving it slow gentle tugs up and down through the soft smooth silky panties... I let out a soft moan as she continued stroking my ****... "You like this Steve" she said with a soft giggle.. "uh huh" I said as she increased her speed, bringing me closer to ******... and then she stopped..."take them off.. I can't let you *** in them"... she said as she slid them down my legs, and as she pulled them down, her head stopped right there where my **** stared into her face... she dropped the panties at my feet, opened her mouth wide, and took my throbbing and leaking member into her mouth and began sucking me off... Lisa sucked my **** until I blew a load of hot ***** into her mouth, but that didn't stop her... she continued to suck every last spurting drop of *** until it was all gone..... "I love you Lisa" I said as my knees trembled... and then she got up, wiped her mouth and smiled.... "Hurry up and get dressed.. your father's waiting" she said.. and then she began walking towards the door, and before opening it, she turned around, smiled at me and said "you owe me big time...I hope that big **** of yours makes lots of ***" and then she stepped outside.
I quickly got dressed, leaving the pink panties on the floor, and went outside to go downstairs. Lisa was waiting for me. She smiled, took my hand and whispered into my ear "your father and I are trying to have a baby, but it's been two years... I think your father is impotent". I looked at her dumbfounded.. I was confused... "Why are you telling me this?" I asked her. "Because I want you to **** me and get me pregnant Steve" she said with a big smile......

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You are one lucky son of a gun! I would have loved to have had that happen to me. would you be willing to add me as a friend and maybe send me more stories?

Nice story! Please post another one about the next erotic events. Please post a picture of her too.

that got me big and wet

This story is legendary, as a fan i would appreshate it if you share more, and add me as a friend.

Wow. Good story. If she decided to use you to have a baby what would be your response to your dad be if he notices the baby comes out with some of your mother's features?<br />
<br />

WOW, what a hot story! I'm sure you enjoyed that a lot.

steveintn19999,<br />
<br />

I loved it thanks

WEow - lucky you - and was there a happy family out "***"

Wow what a great story and one hell of a family so did you get her pregnant?? I hope so and i bet you two had a real good relation after that!!