The Man In The Doorframe

Where was everyone? I knew my brother was staying over at his girlfriends place and my mother was at a teachers' conference, but where was my dad? He wasn't inside the house, he wasn't in the garden and his car wasn't parked in the driveway. Only after doing a double check of the kitchen, I found a note that had fallen off the table and onto the ground. He had went to the garden centre to buy flower soil and would be back in half an hour. How long was he gone? How much time did I had left to enjoy the unique opportunities of being alone at home? I couldn't put my finger on what had caused it, but I was feeling frisky since getting up in the morning and naughty thoughts were racing around in my head. Should I risk it? Go upstairs into my room, lock the door, get out of my clothes, into my bed, under the bedsheets and start taking care of 'it'. Yes! Under the best circumstances I had thirty minutes 'playtime' left and if he would return from his trip after just five minutes, I would hear his car, get dressed and take care of my 'situation' at night. And off I went to my room upstairs! :)

The door slammed shut and I was out my shoes, socks, jeans and shirt in just a few seconds. The bra was next and off came my panties and I shoved the pile of clothes next to my wardrobe. Naked as a J-Bird I jumped onto my freshly made bed and enjoyed the nice and comfy feeling of my bedsheets before lifting them up and slipping under them. My head rested on a pillow and the sheets covered everything from my neck down as my hands slowly wandered down my body. It was a summer's day so the bedsheets were very thin. No one could have known for sure that I was naked just from looking at them, but they did little to hide the movements of my hands, working the centre of my body. I closed my eyes and imagines of bare-chested, muscular men on horses popped into my head. You should know that this story happened many years ago! Nowadays I fantasize about nude men who aren't riding horses! ;) I was biting my lower lip as the horseman's piercing blue eyes met mine, my left hand furiously 'pushing' my pleasure button as my right hand pinched and squeezed one of my nipples. I was alone at home so there was no need to be silent and I left out a little moan. The outside noises started to fade away and the heavy movements caused the sheets to move down towards my neckline. *Knock* *Knock* The door swung open.

My father was standing in the door frame (!), his mouth slightly opened just as he was about to say something but got suddenly distracted. He turned around and leaving the room, closed the door behind him. :-o

For a few seconds I was turned into a pillar of salt, my hands still placed at strategic important positions on my body but unable to return to their duty. What did just happen? Was it just a dream or had my father just caught me pleasuring myself? I looked down at the bedsheets. Even though they had moved down a bit, all they revealed were my naked shoulders but I was shocked to see the obvious 'bumps' on my chest and between my legs were my hands were resting. Even though he actually didn't 'see' anything there was no doubt that my father must have realized what I was doing. Why else would he have turned around immediately and left? As he opened the door I opened my eyes so he couldn't have thought I was sleeping and didn't want to wake me up. Oh god! My father had caught me ************! What should I do now? I know it sounds silly but back then I was too scared to get out of bed and get dressed because I somehow feared that the door would open again as soon as I would slip off the covers. I was breathing heavily. What just happened had done nothing to increase my 'need' to **********, it had killed it! I felt unbelievably embarrassed and only after a couple of minutes I was able to get up, pressing the bedsheets to my body, moving towards the door as fast as I could and turning the key to lock the door. Then it hit me! I had forgotten to lock the door before I had taken my clothes off! Now I felt embarrassed and stupid because what just happened could have been easily avoided if I had just did what I was planning to do: lock the door!
I put my clothes back on, made the bed and sat down at my desk. What now? Would my dad come back to lecture me? About what? The birds and the bees? It was a little bit too late for that. I waited. He didn't came back. Maybe he was just embarrassed as I was. Even though our family didn't openly discuss sexual topics at the dinner table, we were very open about that stuff but there's a huge difference between e.g. sitting on the couch and watching a movie with with my parents that includes a sex scene and getting caught ************ by my own dad!

I didn't leave my room until my mother and brother returned and when we were sitting together in the kitchen to have dinner, I never looked at my dad. I tried to act normal towards everyone else but I noticed that he never asked me something that evening so he clearly felt uncomfortable about what had happened too! I don't know if he ever told my mother about it, but after about a week things had returned to normal and I wasn't thinking about him standing in that door frame every time I looked at him and after a couple of weeks I felt brave enough to lock my door and slip under the bedsheets again when I was alone at home but until today I always double check if a door is locked, no matter if I'm alone or not ;)
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Great story I love it

Oh Laura! Your anguish and awkwardness is expressed exquisitely through your writing and I sympathise with you so much. But when a girl is feeling really frisky, the last thing on her mind is locking the door, so I can't fault you on this one. Btw, I too used to dream about strapping young men on horses, but they never came so I started looking for mermaids instead ;-)

... how does a mermaid get on a horse? ;)

They ride carriages of mother-of-pearl, pulled by sea horses ;-)

So that's where waves come from :D

I like your story.

My mom caught me looking at **** one time. Not quite the same, but I think she knew what I had been doing a few moments before I heard her coming down the hall.

Well, it's hard to think about anything else than 'that' when you're wondering why a guy watches *********** :D So it might not be the same, but it's quite as awkward as what had happened to me :)

that mustve been pretty awful for you both lol xx

It was :-o But since none of us mentioned the 'incident' again, we were back to being normal terms with each other rather quickly :)

i lived with my parents until i was 30 and i have been caught by them before! LOL x

Amazing story babe..but u wud have lost all of the hotness inside u at that point of time!

Oh dear. Well, it's a nice life-lesson to have learned instead of having someone (or some people!) much worse than a family member walk in on you... playing a solo symphony.<br />
<br />
But, you're not alone. Let's just say I've been in the same situation before. And let's just say a bit more than 'bumps' were showing! :/

No matter how embarrassing it was back then, now it's a thing of the past and I'm glad that nowadays you have a boyfriend to help you to conduct multi-handed symphonies ;)

Wow, that is a story for sure. As usual, its well written and desc<x>riptive. As a father of a young daughter I would have to think it would be way more horrifying for him than you. I am not trivializing your embarrassment but for him (as for me) to see his "little girl" pleasuring herself would be traumatic. Although personally thinking about you ************ is a total turn-on!

He learned to live with his pain ;)