My Sister And Her Friend

When I was 16 my sister was 19 her friend was 18. My sister friend came to visit they were in the family room talking I was in the kitchen I heard them saying after this show lets go in my room I have new dress I want you to see. I rushed up stairs to my room got undressed I went into my sisters room I hid in the closet I was naked 10 minutes passed they came up. My sister got undressed put on her dress I was so hard I started ************ she took off her dress once again she was naked. When you are ************ you forget you making noise. My sister friend opened closet door and saw me my sister still naked. I got out of closet started ************ again. She got her dressed back on as I finished I cummed all over
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1 Response Mar 4, 2013

What did here friend do?