I First Time I Was Caught ************.

I first time I was caught was by my stepmom, but I think she set me up. I was 13 and my dad traveled a lot for work, so I was left with my stepmom for days at a time. She would often dress sexier when my dad was away then at home. For example, she wore a one piece bathing suit when my dad was with us and a skimpy two piece when he was away...and she would always she "don't tell your father, it will only put him in a grumpy mood." The pool in our yard was a 12 foot round and only 5 feet deep, and the yard was fenced in for privacy. One day, when dad was away, my stepmom and I were playing the pool and she wanted to rough house. She had a few glasses of wine and she was very energetic. While playing around, her breasts popped out of her top more than once and she would continue wrestle with me as if she didn't notice...it made me very excited.
I went inside to go shower but she wanted to go first. I went to my room but I noticed the she started getting naked with her door open and I could see everything. She wrapped a towel around herself and went to the bathroom. I laid on my bed and began jacking off, and a few minutes later she came walking into my room with the towel around her. I froze, and she said it was perfectly normal for a boy my age but I should *** in the toilet and not dirty the sheets. She said that if I finished before she was out of the shower just to come in.
As I got closer to ******* I got bolder. I went into the bathroom and continued to jack off. She opened the shower certain and started to dry off. I said I came in because I was about to ***. She stood there and watched until I shot my hot sticky load. The only thing she said was not to tell anyone because people might think I was being a pervert and flashing my stepmother.
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