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Thought I Was Home Alone

 My girlfriend went out the other day and I was home alone.  I put some music on and went over to my underwear drawer.  I emptied the entire contents onto the bed and then started to try on my bras and knickers.  I would put some on, look in the mirror, then try on some different ones.  This of course got me turned on.  I lay down on the bed with a navy blue satin bra on with the matching knickers that have suspenders attached, and black lace topped stockings.  I started to rub myself through my knickers, getting harder and more turned on with every stroke.  I was just about to blow when I heard a short gasp.  I looked over and saw my girlfriend stood in the doorway to the bedroom with a wry smile on her face.  She likes to watch me pleasuring myself, it gets her going.  However, the gasp had come from her slightly older sister.  I was mortified.  My girlfriend came to my rescue by saying to her sister "Don't you think he has great taste in underwear?"  The shocked look on her sisters face subsided slightly.  She looked at the lingerie covered bed, then over at me.  She then smiled, nodded, and said "I prefer the pretty pink set"  By this time I could see that my girlfriend was rubbing the front of her jeans.  She looked at me and said "You heard he, she prefers the pink, why don't you go to the bathroom and change into them.  I slowly got up off the bed, still a bit phased, but picked up the the pink set, stretch satin and lace backed knickers, satin padded bra, with the matching suspender, and went off to the bathroom.  I took ages to change as I was nervous, and didn't know what was going to happen, or how I felt about wearing nothing but lingerie in front of my girlfriend's sister.  I went back to the bedroom and saw my girlfriend and her sister going through my underwear, chatting about which ones they liked and didn't.  They looked up as I entered the room.  My girlfriend just smiled, but her sister stood up and looked me up and down.  She then turned me around so that she could have a look at the back view.  She then stroked the lace back of my knickers.  That was it, instantly hard.  It's good enough when my girlfriend touches me in my knickers, but this really got me going.  I look over to my girlfriend who was now also standing.  She unbuttoned her jeans and took them off, and removed her top, standing in just her bra and knickers.  They were her cute set, cotton high legs with little hearts, and the matching bra.  I looked at her as she put her hand down her knickers, and started to rub.  Her sister came round to stand next to her.  She pulled her skirt down and took off her shirt.  She was wearing a red fluted thong with matching bra.  They both took one of my hands and pulled me down on to the bed.  My girlfriend then lay down next to me, and her sister on the other side.  My girlfriend propped herself up on an elbow and placed my hand on to knickers and said "Would you like to carry on while we watch?"  I immediately started to rub myself, loving the feeling.  I looked over to my girlfriend, she had her hand down her knickers again and was really going for it.  Her sister, took my other hand and put it down her knickers.  I was rubbing her **** gently, concentrating so much that I forgot about myself.  My girlfriend had also stopped and was watching me play with her sister.  Not to be left out, she took my other hand and put it down her knickers.  I was using the same motion on both of them at the same time, my fingers going as deep as they could into each of them.  My girlfriend came 1st, and her sister about a minute later.  They both lay there panting after their ******* as I licked my fingers clean. After a short while, my girlfriend pulled my knickers to one side and took me into her mouth, slowly sliding me in and out.  Not wanting to be left out, her sister asked my girlfriend what she should do now.  My girlfriend stopped sucking me just long enough to say "He's good with his tongue too"  Her sister got the idea straight away, and knelt over me, pulling her knickers to one side, and slowly lowering her still wet ***** onto my face.  I licker her gently, but when she was close enough, I lifted my head slightly and thrust my tongue deep into her.  I could immediately feel her getting wetter and wetter, and in no time at all I had her juices flowing in rivers down my face.  It didn't take much to make her come again, and this time she really came, I felt like I was drowning in the amount of juice that flowed from her.  Had she been lying down she would have squirted all over the bed.  Instead, I got one hell of a mouthful, and the rest went all over my head.  She got off me and her and her sister swapped places.  He sister went down on me, while my girlfriend girated her ***** over my face.  It took a little longer to make my girlfriend come as my tongue was tired after pleasuring her sister, but we got there in the end.  My girlfriend got off me and looked at her sister going down on me.  She put her head next to her sister's as her sister came off me, and then they both started licking my ****. They would bring me right to the brink, and then stop.  This went on for ages, and I nearly blew many times.  Finally I could take the pleasure torture no more.  I sat up and moved to behind them.  I put my hand on her sisters ***** while I drove my **** deep into my girlfriend.  I pounded away for about 30 seconds before pulling out.  I went up behind her sister and slid deep into her.  Again I pounded away for a bit before swapping again.  I did this several times till they had both come again a couple of times.  They down on the bed, resting their heads against each other, panting like mad.  I couldn't resist it, I started ************ furiously, and in about 15 seconds I could feel myself about to blow.  I pointed my **** at my girlfriends face and gave her the first load, then quickly turned to her sister, and blew all over her too.  They then took it in turns to suck the rest out of me.  My girlfriend then said to me "That's what you get for getting caught ************"  laughing.  Her sister then looked over and asked if we could do it again some other time.  Tomorrow is too far away.............

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This story shows that there is still hope in the world! Thanks

great story! well written too. It made me ***, that's for sure!!

Am hoping that it's going to happen again at the weekend

Has it happened since?