I've Been Caught A Couple Of Times...

I had a male friend (this was before I'd started to really explore my bi side) who had an excellent collection of **** videos. One night when I was staying round his place, he went off to bed with his gf and left me some really hot vids to watch. So there I was, laying on his couch, w******, really close to ******* but trying to hold it off, when he walks in on his way to the kitchen. He stopped and watched as I **** all over my hand, then grinned and said "Nice ****!"

Better was when a woman friend caught me. Again I was staying with friends, sleeping on the couch (will I ever learn!). Her and her partner had gone to bed, and i reckoned they'd gone to sleep. I got out some **** and contact magazines I'd bought that day, and was browsing through them, as you do. Sleeping bag undone, stark naked, hard **** in hand, and she walks in.

"Oh" she says. "Oh sh*t!" says I. She's looking me straight in the eye, if you see what I mean. I have to admit, her standing there staring at my **** turned me on even more. So she steps over and sits right next to me. she's wearing brushed cotton pj's - not very sexy, but I can see her nipples getting hard under the fabric. She grabs one of the magazines and starts looking through it. I deliberately pick up a swingers contact mag and resume slowly stroking my ****. She pushes her hand down inside her pj bottoms and starts rubbing her *****. She's soon rubbing hard and moaning softly, not looking at the magazine but at my hand stroking my ****. "Don't *** til I say" she breathes. Soon she's whimpering in pleasure, then breathlessly she says "Go on, *** now". That's enough to tip me over the edge and my *** bursts from my ****. when she sees my *** spurt she gasps and lunges down to cover the head of my **** with her mouth and as I pump my *** into her mouth she has a powerful ******. Sitting up again she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and makes a deliberate show of swallowing. "Lovely" she says, kisses me on the cheek and walks out of the lounge.

Next morning she acted as if nothing had happened. That was 20 years ago and she's never mentioned it since, though she does let me know she remembers by giving my **** a quick squeeze now and then when her husband isn't looking

56-60, T
Feb 16, 2010